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I was on Twitter today and I wouldn't believe what I saw: Adam Richman (from Man vs Food) is a Spurs Fan ... Pretty Funny LOL!

I couldn't find a thread already in this topic, so I decided to start one: Famous Spurs Fans!

[media]And another one:

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FUCKIN AYYYY... Man vs Food Guy just about beats Chas'n'Dave, Kenneth Brannagh and Simon Mayo put together!

...but will never top Peter Cook & Bob Marley!!
Steve Nash

John Cena

Jude Law

Rupert Grint

Also Ray Liotta and the founder of Ted Baker fashion label

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...and lest we forget; Bin Laden was a Gooner!

But I'll see your Richard Littlejohn (Yiddo) and raise you a Piers Morgan!!

let's face it, we've both got cunts that support our clubs!
Sat a few seats away from Jude Law for the Everton match this season. Kevin from Eggheads (present or former world quiz champion I believe) is a Spurs fan...
Neil Pearson (him from Drop The Dead Donkey) sits East Stand somewhere. Nearly bumped into him with my burger on more than one occasion.

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