Fantasy PL 21/22

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"Legacy Fan"
Put Chilwell in my team and the cunt doesn’t even select him, opting for the murderer instead, I even made him my captain…….
That's one of the reasons I'm not taking part this year; one of the fun parts of doing this forums league is the 'no Woolwich players' rule, but there's always a couple of people who ignore it. It's never as much fun if people are playing by different rules.

If you're getting beaten by anyone with Woolwich players in their team you need to wonder if Fantasy Football is your thing
Ivan Toney at 6.5 is mental. Potential for a massive steal,
Sancho at 9.5 is “we’re not sure he’s gonna settle well”

I think Havertz is a good buy. It will take a while but there’s a top player there.
I'm starting off with:
GK: Schmeichel, Sanchez
Def: Chilwell, Dias, Shaw, Reguilon, fofana
MF: Foden, Grealish, Sancho, Raphina, Gilmour
FW: Kane (C), Toney, Watkins

might fuck shit up a bit if villa land Bailey
Will probably tweak it in the next couple of weeks.

Hmm I'd like to give a few tips (if that's ok)
1. I think Luke Shaw at 5.5m is better than Wan-Bissaka as Luke Shaw also takes set pieces and had much more attacking threat last season
2. Firmino may not start for Liverpool this season. Coming back from Copa America and pre-season seems to suggest for now Jota/Mane/Salah is the preferred front 3.
3. I'd wait a bit with Jiminez.

Apart from that decent team. Still gonna want to keep Grealish though? I think he becomes a worse asset at City as he just isn't guaranteed to start.
Well a few things here :
1. Kane won't start v City so no point having him for the 1st gameweek
2. Like on the other post I believe Luke Shaw is a better option at the same price for his increased attacking threat
3. I like the double Liverpool defense but I think its brave to go without Salah who most people in the game own and probably will be captaining.

(I'm sure this probably isn't your team anymore but anyway just a few comments from me )
Here’s a latest update (will no doubt change drastically)

Van Dijk according to thinks I've read won't start the season. It'll be Matip/Konate at CB
Castagne will also apparently miss the start of the season
Calvert-Lewin (who is also on my team) didn't play in a friendly today he has a minor injury. He may miss the first week.
I also wonder if Bailey will come in and instantly start for Villa
Also Toney (another one on my team too) missed the Brentford friendly today. Manager said he should be fine for Friday but one like Calvert-Lewin to keep an eye on.

Again not trying to shit on the team , just trying to give advice from what I've heard.
A piece of help required amigos.

Are you lot selecting your teams and "saving" them within FPL before officially submitting them somehow? If so how does one do this?

Muchas gracias!!
You can change your team as many times as you want before the 6.30 deadline this Friday
When you confirm a team you could change all 15 players a minute later
(hope this is helpful)


"Legacy Fan"
You can change your team as many times as you want before the 6.30 deadline this Friday
When you confirm a team you could change all 15 players a minute later
(hope this is helpful)
Thanks, mate, thought this might have been the case but didn't want to press that submit button only to find out that I couldn't!!
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