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Think there's truth behind both. Was it Poch didn't get backed, or was it that he wasn't trusted by Levy? Levy saw him as a great coach but not a great spotter of talent? Whatever the case, its clear Levy has backed Mourinho in 1 window over 5 years of Poch.
No, I think it was the stadium over-run that cast a huge financial shadow over the club and contributed to the barren 2018 summer window.
He'll struggle to match Son and score fore. At his age he'll probably start to flag and hook a few. But if he links up with Harry and gets his range they'll be unplayable. Can't get any more yardage out of this one.

With Bale at the club I can see us winning more than we draw, and hopefully his injury problems won’t make him fade towards the end of the season. No, I’m sure he will chip in with plenty of long drives, tap-ins and lobs throughout the season, and Bale’s efforts together with a slice of luck should have us fans approaching the vinegar strokes.

Dr Rocktopus

Still in shock about this.

Yes he's lost that explosive pace and has issues with fitness, but in many ways he continued to improve as a player after he left us. His decision-making and general instincts became much better.

Can't wait to see him back playing for us. An incredible talent with a point to prove after the shameful treatment he received from Real.


Fly Lands on Cockroach
When young my golf pro taught me to swing like Faldo, my nan wrote to Jimmy Saville to ask if he could fix it for Faldo to play around with me.


Thankfully Jim couldn't fix it that time. True story.

Old Jim will never know how lucky he was - close shave for him!
Anyone else already finding the golf stuff really old, everytime his name comes up some absolute jokester goes ‘what’s he playing for the Tottenham golf squad?? 🤣🤣🤣’ as if they’re a comedic genius.
It's just the TalkSport/SSN kind of narrative have taken root for years now. The situation at Real Madrid was obviously more nuanced but it's easier to take the piss and run with golf gags. God forbid the man has a hobby that doesn't involve drink driving or smashing prostitutes behind his partner's back.

I honestly find the media portrayal of him a little perplexing - at times they've tried to paint him as a failure (despite getting his dream move and playing a vital role in winning everything there is to win with Real Madrid) but then cream their pants as soon as any rumour of him returning to the PL comes up. I have a sneaking suspicion the hype would have been even more incredible if he'd have gone to United instead of us, but that's a whole different discussion.

Hopefully all of the jibes will make him that much more determined to show he's still got it and shove it down their throats.
Without meaning to piss on everyone's chips (I too am excited about the return of the prodigal son), I think many are really letting the excitement overwhelm the pragmatism of Bale's injury record.

30 injuries in 10 years is maybe the worst record of any single player in Europe's top leagues. It's all over his body as well (Calf, Hamstring, Adductor, Thigh, Knee, Hip, Foot and Back)

A fit Gareth Bale is one of the best in the world and a fit Gareth Bale is something to be excited about. History suggests the likelihood is we won't get a fit Gareth Bale. Fortunately, if he is a sicknote as usual, it's only a loan.

Also, our injury record is poor over the last few years. Last year especially was insane.

The lift his signing has provided the club is great. But now that's gone, seeing it for what it is, is troubling.

He is currently injured until November.

This could be a Moussa Dembele situation where we see greatness in fits and spurts rather than seeing Bale play 40 games this season.

I hope he, and Spurs medical record, can buck the trend.

I think playing for Mourinho would help the situation than say for Pochettino, because I don't think he'll ask too much pressing of Bale.

Fingers crossed all the above is water under the bridge and this motherfucker is back...

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