Giovani Lo Celso

Has Lo Celso missed more minutes due to injury or tactical reasons this season??
Is he ahead of winks in the pecking order of our midfield?

He’s actually played less minutes than Sanchez and winks.
But noticeably more than Lamela and bale who love the injury room.

Giovani Lo Celso - Stats 20/21 | Transfermarkt

Been involved in 19 games but less than 900 minutes played - so averaging only half a game every time he plays, with only one 90 minute game played (v Antwerp so not a physically demanding game)

Mostly due to him being not fit enough.

Which is a problem when we are also carrying an ever injured Lamela.
4th best tackler in calendar year 2020, the 'defensively brilliant' Sissoko is nowhere to be seen on the list

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I really like Lo Celso.
I still think we'd be so much better with the TN PEH GLC midfield 3

What worries me more is his fitness. He always seems to be picking up injuries or carrying knocks. He's missed far too many minutes in the last year. I don't want a lamela 2.0. I'd rather he just gets himself fully fit so this doesn't keep happening.
According to Football London

"The 24-year-old midfielder is currently unavailable after picking up a hamstring injury in Spurs' 2-0 defeat to Leicester City at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on December 20.

Mourinho has confirmed that the Argentinian remains sidelined and will do so for the foreseeable future."

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4th best tackler in calendar year 2020, the 'defensively brilliant' Sissoko is nowhere to be seen on the list

From 2:37

That is a little stupid. This guy defines his tackles stats = tackles attempted + fouls + challanges lost. Losing challanges, and fouls is not good tackling. Those are examples of failed defending. He is dumping failed tackles into his tackles stats and padding those numbers. So bad tacklers who lose challanges and foul more often come off better than someone who jockeys opponents and makes the right decisions of when to tackle.

If you are interested Sissoko's successful % of tackles is 67% (and 33% failed) for the current PL season so far. And Locelso's stats are 52% successful and 48% failed. What is better? A player that tackles twice and loses both tackles or another one who picks the right moment and wins the ball with 1 try.
Maybe Bruno would have been better, but also then maybe we wouldn't have gotten Ndombele if we got him. GLC can be a great player for us but he's gotten bitten by injuries recently. I'd be open to him starting on the wing if not at CAM, especially if we haven't got much faith in Lamela or Lucas out wide. At least worth trying- he could be a hit there with his great direct running abilities. Way too early to give up on- can be a much better player than Lamela or Lucas can hope to be for us.
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