Have we signed the Mighty Amrabat?

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Lucas is a baked bean, do we need another?

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Wish we would just give Harvey some minutes instead of spending money on these types of players. It's not even a position where we need to address immediately.

I watched the Morocco game and then watched Matt Grimes in the Swansea game. Matt Grimes would be a better fit for us. Always been an admirer of him, good progressive passing - poor man's Neves.

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The Swellhead Spur

Annibyniaeth Cymru
Ali Gold, Dan KP, Jacob Steinberg, Matt Law, Mike McGrath & Fabrizio Romano have all said Conte really like this guy so let's give him a chance

He did bring in players like Darmian, Kolarov, Ashley Young & Vidal to Inter when they were all seriously underwhelming

Stats wise he is similar to Kessie & doesn't look a bad player, maybe at the Afcon he looks average but so did Kane at the Euros
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There is a zero chance that Conte would even think of him, forget liking him. He is not even average, he is worst than that.
We really go low going for a deep, deep Fiorentina reserve player.

You have no idea who Conte wants or doesn't want. Plenty of info from respected journos saying Conte DOES like him, so if you don't mind, we'll trust their words over yours.
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