Is this the worst season of modern times?

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Is this the worst season of modern times (1990’s onwards)

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Memories fade over time. I can kind of remember Campbell leaving for Woolwich, Santini managing the club for a very short period, Hoddle not being the saviour we hoped. More recently the shit football and meltdown under AVB with Timmy coming in to save the season.

We have been closer to the bottom but honestly the football this season has been perhaps the worst I have seen. The whole thing has been a shitshow. The 90’s where hard but we did play some great football at times even if the defensive was a joke. This regression has been pretty brutal.

- Covid and no fans in the stadium (maybe for the better).
- Jose the Dinosaur and the total lack of coaching to the point we have regressed into a pub team with a few superstars.
- the ESL and the whole farce.
- Either Chav or City winning the CL and United probably winning the EL. While Hammers and Arse will probably finish above us.
- Kane giving up, maybe he will stay but only because no-one will pay the 150-200m it will cost to prise him away.
- Levy taking the piss. Fans in the gods being charged £60 a ticket.
- crap VAR still around and not improving.
- regression from a top 4/6 team to this.
- players looking like they have given up.
- losing to Zagreb 3-0

At a minimum we have gone back to the AVB collapse with a terrible manager going and a disillusioned squad. My hope is the failures spur the club on to action like they got Poch and got rid of the deadwood. But this has been one almighty shit season and for me the worst I can remember because of all the different things that have gone on at the same time.
I think what's uniquely shit about where we are now, is that in under 2 years we went from Moura's clinching goal at Ajax to send us into the Champions League final, we had Harry, Son, Eriksen, Dele, Toby, Jan, Hugo all playing at pretty much a world class standard, we had one of the most coveted managers in the world in Poch, and the best new stadium in the world, repeated CL qualifications and..... we look like a shambles of team about to start a 4 year rebuild with not enough money and a return to mid-table mediocrity and salt in the wound the goons who are utter shite are probably going to edge past us on the last day of the season.

It's that sick feeling that we had a generational opportunity with Harry, Dele and Son and we fucked it.
Its our worst since 2003/4. No question. That was a shambles under Hoddle and then Pleat. Think it feels worse than a lot of the 90's largely down to the fact 3 or 4 years ago we were a really good young side with a really good manager. Its been a rapid decline.
Not necassarily the league position,we have had much worse.
But everything else surrounding it. The kane story surfacing when there was still something to play for.
The lack of positive attitude from most of the team.
The utter cack that are some how first team regulars.
The fact we have no chance of netting a big name boss,but will work with someone that will tolerate Daniel.
Daniel effing Levy.
The dispondecy from normally very positive supporters.
The shit summer we are having etc etc.
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Lenny Hatchet

Out on good behaviour
I think the main difference is the fan base have realized we will never , if we get any ,sustain , build on success.
Enic FC chase pounds over Glory and it ain't getting better


SE23 in the streets, N17 in the sheets
Everyone keeps mentioning the heightened expectations being a factor in how awful the season feels now, and I suspect this is why it doesn't feel any worse for me than some of the awful 90s dross. Even when we beat Man City and Woolwich before Christmas, I was never convinced about the performances. They felt at the time like plucky backs to the wall performances and the whole thing felt incredibly fragile.

We had those very narrow and lucky wins against Burnely and Brighton and I could just feel that we were riding our luck, and just from experience of supporting Spurs it was a house of cards just waiting to come tumbling down. I wasn't at all convinced we would keep this luck up.
One of the very best squads talent wise ever but poorest motivation, tactics and coaching.
Please stop talking shit about the quality of this squad.
This squad is rotten to the core and contains at least 12 players that don't give a fuck about Spurs.
Their lack of effort and pride is there for all to see and no manager on earth will change the piss poor attitude that they have.
No question the worse as far as how I feel about the club and players goes. It's like a part of the connection I've had with it for 40 years has died. We've become this absurd, glitzy property with shit furniture.
Having a bit of time to look back on the season, overall, I don't think it was terrible. We certainly had terrible moments. Being dumped out of the cups sucks but expected at this point. And it was always difficult to see us winning the league back in August.

I think it was just so bad this year because Tottenham are one of the few things that I really look forward to in general and with the pandemic already draining enough out of me, the fact that I hated to watch the way we played under Jose but kept doing it just eventually took its toll on me, and probably alot of others. That on top of the fact that we were given that strange bit of hope at the beginning of the season and then it crumbled didn't help.
I think it is certainly the worst season we have had since George Graham years.

The quality of football.
The total disconnect between the club and its fan base.

First time I have felt we are no longer Tottenham, and only way I think that comes back now is removal of the ownership.
These two are the biggest for me,and the 2nd point in particurlar.
I have never felt so detached from the club i have supported all my life.
Everyone saying 90s compare the teams. This is without a doubt the worst season with the quality of players by far. We knew we were shit in the 90s and accepted it. No acceptance today whatsoever. Without kanes goals i think we wouldnt be far off Newcastle
I voted yes,I've been a Spurs fan since 1971,when those twats down the road done the double,I've seen us been relegated in 77 but I've never felt so disillusioned as I am now,I think we've gone back a mile in the last 18 months or so,all very well having the best stadium in the world but what good is that when you got the drivel that were playing last night,you know you've had a shite season when West Ham finish above you
For me it's more painful because of what we've achieved in the last 5/6 or even last 10+ years leading up to this.

Someone on the match thread described it perfectly yesterday - it's like a team who gradually and impressively climbed a mountain, then simply fell down the other side.

Or perhaps more accurately (albeit less pleasing linguistically), gradually and impressively climbed the mountain, almost got to the top, then slipped, fell and plummeted in next to no time to the bottom. :(


Spot on. I've hated watching us this season. Just been watching out of habit, there is no excitement or nerves. Wanting Mourinho out from the end of January, it was painful seeing him clinging on. I'm at a stage where i dont care if any of our players leave, i cant stand the owners and unlike other shit seasons we haven't been blooding youngsters so there isnt much hope going forward. But the life of a football fan, probably come August we'll be up for it again.

Same here I don’t like the football, the owners, the board, the manager or most of the players. Yet still addicted to Spurs. Bollocks.
I'd say yes, especially given where we stood in Spring 2019.

It's been a calamitous downward spiral since Amsterdam.

Back in the 90s-00s I expected us to be a bit crap, no one expected a chaotic downward spiral like this.

None of it is Levy's fault tho, none whatsoever. If you think that You Clearly Know Nothing About Business apparently
Everton on the first day was the one of the worst home performances I'd seen in years.

We've since played the same or worse 9 or 10 times. Can't ever remember so many thoroughly shit and abject displays in a single season.


Its the first season I've questioned the support of our fanbase. Boo the board by all means same goes for the officials and away players. Whilst I respect the right of every fan's right to decide their own way of venting displeasure and frustration I've never seen the merit in booing the players off at half time in the hope it will somehow gee them up for the second half.

I was in the Sarf and there was a section of the more knowledgeable attendees who voiced the suggestion (in their professional opinion) that Bale should come on and make a difference? When it came to pass and after a couple of missed flicks and runs down dead alleys he attempted to raise the noise a decibel and got booed for that.

I'm no saint and apologise to the more genteel who sat within earshot of me for the occasional expletive I felt compelled to deliver but I draw the line when it comes to hurling orchestrated bile and abuse at those who wear the lilywhite when a match is being played.

Not suggesting for one minute we follow the lead of other fans and have lobotomies in order to gleefully churn out verses of 'Glad all over' when we're losing 7-0 though we can try to get behind the team for the whole (for fans who stay that long?) 90+ minutes, even if we are playing shit and see how that works out.

At present, the Board are shit, the playing staff are shit and its looking like we may very well all deserve each other.

Two of the more (maybe) appropriate songs I didn't hear yesterday were.... 'Who ate all the pies' and 'Our support is fucking shit'.

I heard

'I hate Daniel Levy, Daniel Levy hates me' a few times.
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