Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur. May 7th. Saturday – 7.45 PM.

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We have to match Woolwich's result.
Let's not forget Liverpool have a massive game this week and will be very leggy.
They are not unbeatable.
They will not sit back and stop us playing so we can hurt them.

Not saying we will beat them but............

The Romanian Jack

Liverpool look unstoppable at the moment, a win is very unlikely. Let’s be realistic, a draw would be a really good result. We won’t lose top 4 because of this game, we fucked it up not once, but twice, against Brighton and Brentford. Relying to win at Liverpool is typical Spurs shit.
I think a draw would be still a very good result that would keep us in the hunt assuming we beat Woolwich it would come down to GD?


The future’s bright; the future’s Lilywhite.
Liverpool are playing well at the moment so it’ll be a tough one. I’ll be happy with a draw I think. The key thing is going to be whether the players are up for it.
I wouldnt mind playing a similar team as w did today, but replacing Moura with Bergwijn.
Would love us to win this, but if these players can't turn up at the Brentford Community Stadium what makes you think they would turn up at Anfield?

We always seem to for the bigger games, for some strange reason we take the smaller teams (Burnley, Brighton, Brentford) for granted


in the 80s I remember every time we went there the papers we full of ‘The Titanic hadn’t sunk when we last won there’. Fucking hated it.
but eventually we won there, and against an all conquering Dipper team.

well I reckon we are owed one.

1-2 to us.
ps to those going, wear wellies. Tears from the dippers gonna fuck up your shoes if you don’t.
A draw would be pretty ok for us as it will leave us 3 points behind the scum going onto the NLD, which ofcourse we must win else its all moot anyway. The problem is you cant play for a draw there like everton, sooner or later they break you down and then you just cant flick a switch and start attacking. we have to go hell for leather and hope to score a couple, accepting that they will reply on the other end. thats whats worked the last few times we have drawn them .
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