Liverpool vs Tottenham Hotspur. May 7th. Saturday – 7.45 PM.

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Klopp is right.. We should have played football that suits Liverpool, we didn’t let them rip us apart which is bad for football.
God I wish someone would knock those Rylan style Hampsteads down his ignorant big mouth.
Dippers have announced their starting 11 early,, there's confidence for you right there..

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Fuck it, my tolerance levels for bullshit are at an all time low atm.

I’m just going to perma block any fool who decides that that was a shit result. Christ.

If we don’t get CL it’ll be due to the Brighton /Burnley type result, not tonight.
Amazed that there is not more chatter out there about the Red card they never got. Anyone else in a different venue, who isn't Liverpool assaults Son like that, gets an instant Red - either from the Ref, or definitely from VAR, if the Ref misses it..

When interviewing the big headed German twat, why don't interviewers hit him with these things. They all seem scared and in awe of the gurning prick.

This "famed" anfield atmosphere, is really a cauldron of hate that has been going for years. a viciousness from the fans that the officials feed off. Seriously, for VAR not to give a Red there is just unreal. It is what it was introduced for.

I guess retrospective action is now not an option as "var" deemed it OK at the time.
VAR has only strengthened the position of the teams that the PL want to succeed.
So let me get this straight. A lot of us thought we were going to get smashed by Liverpool, we end up putting in a great shift, drawing, but people still find reason to complain about it being pointless.

Is it disappointing that lapse of focus let that goal in, yea sure, but that doesn’t invalidate the result. Take some pride in it, because every non spurs fan wrote us off for this.


I don’t understand BT here. Spurs have just become the first team to even take a point at Anfield for how long ? Guaranteed ourselves 5th and finished above Man Pooh and Spammers despite being an absolute state in November. And may we not forget we didn’t lose @ Anfield or at Shity. Jesus. Media narratives….

We shouldn’t be down at all tonight.

As for Woolwich. Let us never forget they cheated to get games called off earlier in the season to such an extent that the FA changed the rules afterwards.
My favourite moment of the game was when Salah cut in on to his favoured left foot and was in a position he usually scores from.

Out of nowhere Benazir Davies and his gigantic balls pop up and shut the Liverpool chance down.

Not today Mr Salah, not today.
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