Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur, 17th April [0-1 AGG]

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Everyone seems pretty confident Dele will start, just can't see it.

His hand is broken in three places, it's in a sling with some sort of protection (problably not a plaster cast, but even so...) and still "very painful".

Unless its a cunning ruse, but we don't tend to do them really


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If you had to choose, what would it be ?

Go through to CL semi finals


Win the League game.

CL all day long for me, if we go through we are 2 games away from a final where anything can happen over 90 minutes, if we go through and knock out Man City ( apparently the favourites) then why can’t we win the whole thing? Let’s take it one game at a time , but if we can’t get excited about a potential semi final at the NWHL then what is the point of football?


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Sadly, I can't see us winning this.

Whilst we do have a 70% win percentage when Kane doesn't start. I think if we have Dele and Winks out, the task becomes even more mammoth.

Not to say I don't think we couldnt get a draw and go through. I think that'll ultimately be our best hope. Do we just sit back, soak up their pressure like we did against Dortmund and at times Madrid last season and aim to counter with pace of Lucas and Son? Or do we think fuck it, were going to give you something to think about and you're going to have to be in top form defensively!?

Trippier - Alderweireld - Vertonghen - Rose
Sissoko - Wanyama - Eriksen
Lucas - Llorente - Son
Is how I'd go if Dele and Winks are both out injured. If both CAN make it then I'd replace Wanyama and Llorente. Put Dele in the false 9 role and Winks screening our defence to control.

Either way, it's going to be the longest 90 minutes of our season and at times it could get rough.


Spurs through on aggregate
Here is probably the end of our CL journey this season, hopefully we won't suffer an embarrassing defeat like 5-0.

I would have been a little bit more hopeful if it wasn't for all those injuries.
I actually think we'll win the competition if we do the business against City, such a big if though. We needed one or two more goals I think.

I'd take being 2-0 down with ten minutes to go personally as that's generally when we've done our business in the CL.
We need to go to the Etihad with the mind to score.

Sissoko to smash through them and Moura to play on the edge of their defenders alongside Son.

Then Winks and Alli if fit alongside Eriksen.

Great also that Wanyama might be an option as well.
To be honest, I didn't think we'd be going into this game with a chance, let alone a 1-0 lead...

Cranks up the stakes somewhat!!
I was half expecting this to be a "no pressure free hit", due to the drubbing we'd received in the home leg last week... what do I know?


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If you had to choose, what would it be ?

Go through to CL semi finals


Win the League game.

Semi's.... City game is a free hit IMO as long as we take care of EPL business elsewhere.

The 'Liverpool must NOT win' crew want Chavs to win today (which hurts us) yet would prob opt to throw the CL to prevent the same....

Worry about US and what will be will be.

City are ever furthering their 'vile cunts'-status anyway.

Fuck it tho'. I'm all in for both.
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