Martin Jol on Spurs (his favourite club) and Ajax and our ex Ajax Players

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Chess extraordinaire
He could've been bitter after the way he was sacked, but he is always positive about Spurs, says a lot about his character, should've chinned Wenger though.

He won't go down as the greatest manager, but for me he is certainly one of the most likeable.
Not the best but I'd argue one of our most important in recent history

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Jol on Eriksen...
David Silva is an unbelievable player, but Manchester City are still Manchester City when he is out. Tottenham are different when Christian isn’t playing, which is why I believe he is the best midfielder of his type in England.
This so true - beyond belief

Shows how little some fans truly understand about the game saying we're better off without him
winning is shit. making a noise is where it's at.
Not sure how old you are but for many years making noise at Spurs football matches was the most we could hope for.

But it’s funny how our chairmen has deliberately designed a stadium to make noise though.

Maybe he knows something you don’t eh??
Jol & Arnesen would have done wonderful things together.

Jol and Comoli / Levy was never without friction and that’s ultimately where it went wrong. A shame really. BMJ was not backed well when Arnesen left ( cunt )

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Just read that Martin Jol was Manager at Hamburg when Son was there.

That makes it 5 players that Jol helped develop before they came to Spurs - Vertonghen, Aldereireld, Eriksen ( all at Ajax), Dembele ( Fulham) and Son (Hamburg).

that's half the starting X1 !

A phenomenal effect on Spurs both as manager - and than developing players who would later join Spurs.
Is it bad that Miami Vice just popped into my head?

Actually, the more I think about it... it was the early '80s... of COURSE that's what they were trying to replicate!
They once had Regis, Chamberlain and Batson posing with the 3 Degrees for a photo shoot FFS!
Big Martin is awesome, probably would've been my favourite manager if he had chinned Wenger..

Clive Allen almost did!!
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I have an image in my head of Jol applauding our fans as the team won away in some naff league cup game a few days after he became manager. There was something that night that finally felt different that there was a coach that understood the club and he was going to not take the shit anymore. He did well in the days that followed. Horrible record in big games mind and in the end it was a sad parting, but I have a lot of respect for him - Newcastle job interview aside of course.
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