Matt Doherty

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Afternoon all - a London-based Wolves fan here who had this thread shown to me by a Spurs supporting mate.

The relationship between Nuno-era Wolves and Doherty was a very odd one. Our system was very rigidly adjusted to accommodate Doc's weaknesses.

(1) he can't defend: (a) we'd always have Neves and/or Dendoncker and/or Moutinho drop in behind him, (b) he'd always have the right-sided centre half behind him, and (c) we played lop-sided 3-4-3/3-5-2, meaning Jonny (our left wing back) would typically stay deeper; and

(2) he can't cross.

Instead he was very good at linking play in the final third with the wide forward and getting into good scoring positions in the box. This is basically the only thing he can do to a Premier League standard - and I've noticed that he appears to be most at home in your team when linking up with Bale in and around the 18 yard area.

The reason he scored well in fantasy football is because he did very little defending (mercifully - he was a liability at the back), but you can pick him in your FF team as a defender.

He was a terrible signing for you - but he would have been for any PL team that didn't want to adapt their entire system to accommodate his League 1 quality defending*. Letting him go hasn't worked out as well for the Wolves as we would have liked because it's taking Semedo much longer than we would have expected to get up to speed (although he's had to spend most of his Wolves career trying to get used to playing with Adama, which can't be easy for anyone).

However, taking Doc out of our team has given us the freedom to adapt our style - something the club wants to prioritise following two seasons of counter-attacking football. In the medium-to-long term, no longer being hamstrung by carrying a League 1 defender* will only serve us well in my view. Because of Semedo's shaky start, other Wolves fans disagree and are clamouring for Doc to return. I think this is short-termism.

It seems to me that it was very lazy scouting which caused you guys to go in for him. He's a FF points machine, but it shouldn't have taken much digging to work out why.

Best of luck in the Europa - I've a sneaky feeling you'll win it and secure CL football. That would be classic Jose.

*one of the most embarrassing defensive performances that I have ever seen in a Wolves shirt was Doc playing left back in the Championship. He tripped himself over three times in a row whilst flailing around trying to tackle a Leeds attacker who just strolled on past him, crossed it, and they scored. I've never fully forgiven him for that day.
Doc made 52 appearances for Wolves last season.
Either your manager is an idiot or...
Or... we played to his strengths with no other RWB in our squad.

We've literally had no cover on the right for him in the whole of Nuno's tenure. I expect Jonny was bought as his replacement, but we failed to sign Zenchenko from City (despite having a bid accepted) meaning Jonny had to play LWB and Doc had to stay on the right. When Doc is the only RWB/RB in your squad, you play him and try to play to his strengths/hide his weaknesses. I think we did a pretty good job of getting the best out of him.
As I'm Irish it pains me to say.... Doherty is pure fuckin muck. he always looks surprised he's on a football pitch, like he's just quantum leaped into a footballers body and is trying to figure out what's going on. Thankfully he was"cheap"
We signed him because he scored one against us last season. That is the only explanation I can think of. No proper scouting was done. Shit player and a gooner to boot.

Seems like half our recruitment policy in the ENIC age.
Adebayor - can't score against us if he plays for us
Gomes - had a great game and won against us in Europe. Went to penalties if I remember.

I would even throw Ramos in there as well wasn't it his Sevilla (?) that beat us in the UEFA league and we were immediately linked.

I swear to God Daniel Levy's transfer policy is the same as a 13 year old experiencing his fist FIFA21 market


Not prepared to write him off just yet but the signs not looking too positive.

I actually think for next season we should move to 3 at the back anyway which would make him more effective:
(a) Sess will be back and both he and Reg are probably better suited to LWB
(b) Although I think most of us are in agreement we need to sign a CB as a priority, those who are here at the minute tend to be more suited to playing in a 3
(c) Woukd sell Serge and buy Lampety who also is better suited to RWB
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