Milwall v BHA : FA Cup 6th Round. 14:00 Sun 17th March

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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
Get in. NWHL here I come.

Sorry Mrs Perryman Mrs Perryman . Hope you can get sorted somehow.

Mrs Perryman Mrs Perryman start a crowdfund for your ticket home. Reckon TFC will cover it.
No worries guys, all sorted.
Went to the pictures this afternoon, as thought the game was at 4.30, and I got home just in time for the penalties. Probably worked out for the best, as they were stressful enough.
Anyway, went straight to the BA website to change my flight, and I kept getting the message 'Not available at this fare', even the £600+ tickets and flying via Miami or Chicago. Started to panic at this stage, as was seriously thinking about cancelling the whole trip!
Phoned BA Customer Service, took 20 minutes to get through, nerves starting to shred. Got to speak to someone who managed to change the flight to the day before but it seemed to take ages and ages. Cost was £150, which I'm fine with, but thanks for the offer :).
It was difficult to want Milwall to win, so I'm really happy for Chrissie, typical that they get Citeh though!
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