Moussa Sissoko

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The Fighting Cock

The Fighting Cock
Done deal according to most sources

Hopefully the 30m quoted includes massive add-one

Not sure what to make of this signing tbh

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The Romanian Jack

Let's just be honest last season everyone was shite at Newcastle also cause they were managed by bloody McClaren. In his first season at Newcastle he was very good and if he can become that again, I think we've got a good to very good player.
A guy with a huge upside, imo, who if he can play his best football rather consistently can offer us a lot. Seems like someone who can make stuff happen by running, which may create space and passing opportunities for our other players to take advantage of.

If we get him, I'll be happy.
Played in Lamela's position for France in the Euro's. Think that's where we'll most likely see him. There's no way Levy is paying £30mil for a bench warmer. The fact we were after Zaha suggests Poch is looking for more pace from that position.


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I know he's not the most popular due to his "laziness" and the wanting away from a relegation threatened club, who ended up getting relegated and how he has declared his love for Woolwich and all that bullshit - but he's a Spurs player now, or very close to being anyway.

So we support him. We support Pochettino and his decision and we make sure we provide him with that support from the very first time he steps on the pitch in a Spurs shirt. If you don't like him, don't rate him and just don't want him at the club, keep that out of the ground please. Show you're support and love for the club because from tonight, Sissoko could be part of this great club.

I've said it before and I said it about Zaha when we are linked. Pochettino CLEARLY see's something if we are linked. Sissoko on his day is a very very good footballer. Ridiculously powerful, very quick and can turn defence into attack in a quick manner which we miss when Dembele is not around. He's been managed by the likes of Alan Pardew, John Carver and Steve McClaren who couldn't get the best out of him on a consistent basis. Then again, I wouldn't trust either of them to get Danny Rose to a top level fullback, get Lamela to show his Serie A form, get the likes of Dembele motivated into being one of the best central midfielders in world football. I do believe Pochettino could do all those things though and he can do this with Sissoko.

To dare is to do right?
Not a massive sissoko fan but i do think he's a good player that will add much needed pace and power to the team. Levy deserves credit if this goes through as he obviously realised we certainly needed reinforcements and dipped into his wallet.
Not convinced, especially at the reported £30m. My Newcastle supporting mate is really glad he's gone, says there's such a positive mood around Newcastle at the moment and would be gutted if Sissoko was to return and sour that, which kind of says a lot to me. Good player but when the going gets tough isn't prepared to sink in.
Position wise he's always looked best on the right, unsure if he will have a bit of a Lennon with Walker and try and occupy the same space when attacking. As we've seen in the last few games Lamela has been moved to the left wing and Eriksen the right. Also he can provide that drive from centre midfield when Dembele is out. Regardless of what Newcastle fans say every time I've seen him against us he's been impressive, physically strong and fast and will run at players which again is something we have absolutely nothing of.


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Let's just be honest last season everyone was shite at Newcastle also cause they were managed by bloody McClaren. In his first season at Newcastle he was very good and if he can become that again, I think we've got a good to very good player.

Yes they were shite but still doubled us and humiliated us 5-1!

I agree he could come good and let's face it every signing is a gamble

Soldado for instance
Woolwich lover.

Also a Geordie pal just text me saying he's laughing his head off at that fee. Says he was a bad apple. Hopefully someone does a Chelsea on us and nicks him. Come on

Joan Thomas

Gascoigne's Crack
Can't believe I've waited all day to take a bite out of this shit sandwich! a fucking Woolwich wannabee with a bad attitude
I wouldnt read too much into this Woolwich stuff. Most foreign players aren't too informed on the intensity of the rivalry or what a bunch of cunts they really are. If he was English then fair enough.
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