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My son was the mascot who walked out with Sissoko who was kind enough to chat to him, they had a laugh and moussa said you are as tall as Lucas (who heard, and shook his head). Quality banter
Just did that bit extra to make his day more special

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His Spurs career in stages, IMO:.
1. Awful signing, one of the clumsiest players I've seen.
2. OK to take a place on the bench, but just to bring on for the last ten minutes or so.
3. OK to play against 'smaller' sides in the early rounds of cup competitions.
4. Probably got more playing time than expected, due to our horrific injury list. He tried his best and ran his heart out, but not always effective.
5. Confidence started growing and got a couple of decent performances in, started to make his mark on a game and win some of the supporters over.
6. Transformation into a beast of a player, one of the first names on the team sheet, and someone whose name we sing at the top of our voices. Starting to seem like a bargain :)
I agree that he and Serge seem to have garnered a reasonably good understanding on the pitch, and it should get better over time.
We love a trier, and no-one tries harder than Moussa. I hope he feels the love.


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"First of all, before anything else, the compliments are really nice to hear. I am happy with my match, I was very good I think, like the rest of the team. I am happy for me, I have come a long way."
"I have had two difficult seasons here, I have continued to work, I did not quit and things are going well this season. I have always believed in myself, my team-mates and my family too, that allows me to put in performances like this one"
"I know that I am not the most technical player, best player in the world, but I play with qualities I have. I have never taken myself to be someone I am not, I give the best of me and that is how I am able to put in a performance like this, it made the coach happy."

Brings a tear to the eye...

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
I don't know why people seem to enjoy being over critical of a player who has improved a thousand per cent and is playing his part in our successes this year. We can't operate with a team of Kanes, Eriksens, Hugos or any one player. Balance is the key of any successful team, and I believe Moussa does his bit very well. Maybe not every game, but not one single player does.


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I know he's not the most popular due to his "laziness" and the wanting away from a relegation threatened club, who ended up getting relegated and how he has declared his love for Woolwich and all that bullshit - but he's a Spurs player now, or very close to being anyway.

So we support him. We support Pochettino and his decision and we make sure we provide him with that support from the very first time he steps on the pitch in a Spurs shirt. If you don't like him, don't rate him and just don't want him at the club, keep that out of the ground please. Show you're support and love for the club because from tonight, Sissoko could be part of this great club.

I've said it before and I said it about Zaha when we are linked. Pochettino CLEARLY see's something if we are linked. Sissoko on his day is a very very good footballer. Ridiculously powerful, very quick and can turn defence into attack in a quick manner which we miss when Dembele is not around. He's been managed by the likes of Alan Pardew, John Carver and Steve McClaren who couldn't get the best out of him on a consistent basis. Then again, I wouldn't trust either of them to get Danny Rose to a top level fullback, get Lamela to show his Serie A form, get the likes of Dembele motivated into being one of the best central midfielders in world football. I do believe Pochettino could do all those things though and he can do this with Sissoko.

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