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I went a bit mad on the shop website yesterday. Couldn't get the gnome, looks like it has sold out!
I bought a mask, Alan Gilzean's biography, some teatowels, a teeshirt for my great nephew and some birthday cards. Could have spent more but thought I'd better stop there!
Yeah I know they have I have tried...... :thumbup:


Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
No idea on a release date. Some clubs (Bournemouth for example), have already released their new kits.
Some haven't.
This year will be a new record for late kit reveal/release for Spurs.
It's normally late July, after they've sold as many of the prior seasons kits as possible at 60% off

We could still be playing in late July and no idea when next season will start so it's possible we won't see any official word until September.
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