New Manager?

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I've been turned. I've started to prefer Poch. I think one of the main reasons we like the idea of De Boer is he is largely unknown still and therefore exciting. I still have a funny feeling we'll end up with De Boer though.
Baldini doesn't pick and chose the players we buy himself. Levy has final say on all THFCs signings, that's pretty much common knowledge. Sure there's a supposed committee with the gaffer but Levy signs the checks. Baldini gets shit done closing deals and he is the last person we should be looking to demote.

I don't see how any of this is a deviation from what I posted?
I much rather develop Kane than that over-hyped nothing player

Sturridge was an over hyped nothing player too until last season now he's a 20 goals a season striker. Welbeck has 20 a season in him to and he's got good link up play, is tall, strong and fast. Soldado, Welbeck and Kane would be good options to have but tbh honest I'm not fussed either way. I'm sure Poch will have his targets.

I don't see how any of this is a deviation from what I posted?

I guess your posted insinuated Baldini was in charge of picking the players we buy when he's really just Levys gofer. I'm sure he offers up his opinions when asked but he's a closer and proved beyond a doubt he is fucking quality last summer getting deals across the line. He's the last person who needs to step down away from transfers. Levy on the other hand can fuck off when it comes to transfers.
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I've got my coffee, so now I'm ready for a morning full of refreshing Twitter, the forum, BBC Sport, etc. until an announcement has finally been made. Here goes. :bae:

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