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Shouldn’t we have an option to turn down the opportunity of attending 25% games? I for one wouldn’t be interested in attending them even as a season ticket holder.

I believe we will be given the opportunity to take part in a ballot for tickets for each match.

I assume that each winning number would have a seat attached to it. God knows how they would handle families, parents with kids, etc. though. And how they’d make everyone sit in their allocated seat.


The Lower tier exit at Stamford Bridge is a potential death trap, if there were a need for a quick evacuation. That corridor is way too narrow.

There's quite a few of them - Vicarage Road, Loftus Park, Goodison Park - all potentially dangerous

Which made the fire safety certificate delay for own ground a complete farce
Had a little ride up to the stadium today to visit the shop.
Was a little bit lump in the throat getting off the train alone at Northumberland Park and walking up Park Lane to the virtually deserted surroundings of the stadium.
However, some things reassuringly familiar.
a) Tottenham Hale "customers" displaying possibly the worst face mask compliance I've seen yet on a station.
b) The newsagent opposite the station being sponsored by The Sun still annoys me.
c) Jack's Cafe open.
d) The security & staff at the shop lovely and friendly as ever, (this is not a dig, I mean it!)
e) Sainsbury's Café have even less food available than normal. Though now it's because they're closed rather than mysteriously understocked.
This is the establishment after all that foresaw the pandemic by bizarrely using only disposable cups on matchdays...
(Someone please explain why we cannot be trusted with teacups but can with plates and knives?)
f) Bloke walking up and down High Road shouting "dickhead".

Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
Yep i think the biggest issue is fans travelling to the ground and how to keep them socially distant outside the stadiums and in the concourses once inside

I assume away fans wont be allowed entrance.

Toilets? If they want a piss then maybe fans should be advised to bring one of these with them

No good for me!
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