NK Maribor vs. Spurs - 25/10/12 - Europa League.



Shelf Side Tottenham
Naughton Dawson Caulker Livermore
Huddlestone Falque
Bale. Lennon
Adebayor Defoe

I want Falque to get a bloody game!!
Every time Spurs play an away game vs a dinky Eastern Euopre team in the Europa League I awake with hope that I won't have to sit through a grueling 90 minute draw and every time I end up disappointed.

I think the disdain Harry had for the competition last season is taking a little while to wear off on the players...
AVB (and many Spurs fans) actually CARE about this competition... it's abut time the players representing us on the pitch showed the competition a bit of the same respect!

Tony Parkes must wonder where it all went wrong with the UEFA Cup!


I thought this would be the place I finally find out where the fuck Maribor are from. Zero effort.

Spurs to lose. No quadruple for us.

:memeokay:I've edited the OP now, better?

In my defence I didn't think anyone was that bothered seen as the Southampton thread was up and running.

Ade up top, Lloris in goals.


Any news on Gareth's Mrs?
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