NK Maribor vs. Spurs - 25/10/12 - Europa League.

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Thank you for make post with Kanji. I happy for reading.

I very very sorry for mistake with English.

Not wanted problem for Spurs fan not understand post but not good with English although Tottenham is dream.

Please having many fun with now season and with future for Tottenham and always making cheer, never making boo'ed off the pitch because Tottenham best team in world and live inside heart making feel life.

Thank you for receiving me on forum for share happy time with really Spurs fan!

One more time I very very sorry for not understand with English.

I with 2 really Spurs fan came from London for vacation. We watch dirty chavs game and cheer team and drink many beer on last Saturday. Sad for lose game but very very happy time and cherished memories.

Ha ha, got to be on a wind-up

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cheers N4R, cant wait to sit through that 90 minutes again, i has a lazy lob on just thinking about it, fuck xvideos tonight, im sorted.

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