PL Prediction Game

I have not participated in the past, but have decided to try it out this year. My name is: TheFakeTI.

To be clear, we are predicting exact score right? We get full points if we nail our result but we also get discounted points if we predict the right result but the wrong score?

So if I say Spurs win 3-1 and they win 1-0, I still get points but not as many as if they were to win 3-1?
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Some of these results have been ridiculous so far. So many upsets and high scoring games. There have been 144 goals in the 38 Premier League matches played this season, which is 40 more than there were at the same point in 2019-20. At least five goals scored in 11 of the 38 matches. Not sure if you're better off just backing the upset than you are backing the favourites lol


The name is Deckard
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