PL Prediction Game

Hi all, paddy spur paddy spur had one of these going last year and with only a few days left until the season starts I figured it would be good to get this going early in the week to get the numbers up.

2 points for guessing the right result, 3 points for the right result and correct goal difference stated and 4 points for correct score.

Happy to do a WhatsApp group to remind everyone each week or those who need reminding (PM me numbers if you want me to do so)

Best of luck all, apologies in advance for smashing it:

Thanks for taking up the reins in my hiatus. I am in

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Looks like the following are yet to pick for this weeks matches...
kushty kushty Downunderspurs _booga_ _booga_ Mampi Mampi Gatsby Gatsby ChiversRegal ChiversRegal scott scott Calgary Spur Calgary Spur Incomplete_usernam Incomplete_usernam King Ledley King Ledley Guido Guido tbonepremier Joshking5 Joshking5 Spaniel Spaniel and also whoever ajachilles turned into. I can't remember now.
Plus whoever Col_McCafferty is.

is ajachilles TheNewSpursy TheNewSpursy ?

I think Col_McCafferty is Colonel_K Colonel_K but I'm not 100% sure Rocket. The PL prediction League is shaping up pretty well, I've got a few curveballs in there this week to see if I can catch up on the leading pack.
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