Ryan Mason

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Perhaps, but maybe some of those players should take a look at themselves for once.

No matter how shit Jose's tactics could be that doesn't excuse the sheer laziness of some of our players.
Absolutely and not just one or two either


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The interim coaches care about the club and care about the players. They want Tottenham to win because they love Tottenham. In the situation we are in, that's what we need.

Hugo was talking about how the team wasn't together anymore, well lads like Ryan and Michel will bring them together again. Even if it's only short term, the squad has to come together and restore some pride. You'd rather go into battle with your friends than with some horrible old cunt and his annoying underlings, wouldn't you?
Yes Ryan is relatively inexperienced but Chris Powell will bring something but players like Kane and Hugo are experienced and I feel that they will get right behind him

Comfortable win tomorrow


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He'll basically go to Kane and ask him for help to pick he team

So hopefully the end of Sissoko, Winks, Dier, Sanchez, Lamela and Doherty
We can but hope and I would take ยฃ20 million for the lot


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Which is all that counts, I liked how the Trust referred to ENIC as the "current custodians" (for all the good it will do them):

The club is so much more than Levy, ENIC, Next Owner, Mourinho, Pochettino, Next Manager and yes, even Harry Kane
Have you got any Lizard songs ?

Im struggling now


Now I'm a big fat dynamo!

This made me laugh.

For reference. This is Ryan Mason:

And this is Mason Ryan:
We should bring in Spurs managers that have "passion" and "love" for the club and all them adjectives.

Ughhh just like Ardiles he was a good manager right guys?


Youโ€™re acting like itโ€™s October or something. Thereโ€™s 6 league games left. No future coach is leaving his team to come before the end of the season.

Mason and friends makes the most sense, gives the players a new attitude and gives the fans confidence that at least the manager will try his hardest for Tottenham.

I guess if youโ€™re just a Jose fan, you could be against this. But once you accept that Jose is gone, this is the smartest plan for 6 games.
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