Sheffield United vs Tottenham Hotspur | Sunday 17th Jan, KO: 14:00

1-1 draw.

thank fuck I can log off and forget about this shower of shit for a few blessed days.

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Mutes thread, filtered and blocked “Spurs” “Tottenham” on my browser settings..

Going to the have a Sunday lockdown power wank instead.. enjoy the game, enjoy the Spurs! I cannae do it to myself.
We must set up to not lose to the mighty Sheffield united. We must worry about their great attacking threat and make sure bergwijn is there to get behind the ball. 5 at the back is a must and if possible put 2 keepers in goal. Then hope kane or son score within 20 minutes then hold on for dear life against one of the most fearsome sides in europe.
If I see Winks and Sissoko in midfield starting I’ll go postal. Look at our bench tonight and tell me those two are the best options - insane. I support Jose but today was a strike against him and his tactics
He’s getting away with it as no fans are in the stadium. If we end the season with nowt our best players could move I don’t think fans will take another season of it.
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