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WOW!!!! That's the bollocks!

...Hope it's everything you wished for.

Looking forward to seeing the finished article!


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I have 'Tottenham Hotspur 1984 UEFA Cup Winners' tattooed on my body but I don't think I'd be allowed to post a picture on here of where it is....modesty forbids and all that ;):thumbup:....most days it just reads spur 19 ................ :(
Nice artwork.
Cheers bud, my design someone else's hands
Nice bit of work that.Where you go?
a french chap from Annecy. He's actually the apprentice of my main usual guy and it's his first back piece. Since I designed it I took a risk & let him do it since I figured being a first he'd put his all into it. (Plus not every artist will do someone else's design) which he is, it's taking like twice as long as it might & he's really making sure all is perfect as we go so I'm pretty happy

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Ive got audere est facere on my forearm. I also have the old cockerel on the other arm. Strangely- I have all my Tottenham tattoos visible on my arms, and I have my wifes name hidden away on my chest. She could go away though- the club wont.


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Marina Sirtis. Actress, Star trek star and all round GILF (63 now...begiing to be less gilfy):



yeah, the second pic is purely for the norks

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I want to get the THFC monogram. But can't find a high-quality/vector version of it. This one:

Anyone got a source?
I really don't like tattoos (especially on the face or neck). However I did sort of promise that I would have a very small one like this on the inside of my wrist, if we won the league.
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