Summer 2019 transfer thread

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Bale improves us big time.
He is the quality of player we are unable to sign and therefore don't see it happening unfortunately.

Seems like a pretty humble lad with a massive twat of an agent pulling the strings.
So far it's worked, and he has made an absolute fortune and won everything he could have dreamed of.
The lad still has at least 3-4 good seasons left in him. For 60mil and 300k per week - sound like a great marquee signing with a lot of commercial value. Expect it would be a huge boost for the dressing room too.

If the problem is he left us - sorry but you should probably get over that.
If the problem is his injury record - I would expect 30-40 games a season from him. Thats good for us.
If the problem is the salary - 300k isnt that bad compared with some players on bigger money. It would be a serious statement of intent.
If the problem is his age/resale - why? Every player eventually has a club that they either retire at or move on for negligible fees relatively.

Am I not right in thinking we all want us to be competing at the level of PSG, Utd, City, Madrid, Barca, Juva both financially and on the field? Rather us sign youngsters and convert them to world class and hope they 'dont do a Bale' on us? To be on that level we need to sign world class players. We aint getting close to signing anyone else near his level. Fuck off if you want to tell me that Lo Celso bloke is anywhere near Bales standards.

Personally I would love us to dominate world football with 100% academy products. Next best is to buy youngsters cheap and develop them into world class footballers. Reality is that simply wont happen unfortunately. Nor will Bale - but to suggest re signing him wouldn't be a huge benefit to the club seems ludicrous to me.

Bale says stop ( dice basta)

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