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Unfortunate that a few cunts get immortalised in greatness, of course they should yet i still find it bothersome

Judas Sulzeer Jeremiah Iscariot
J. Redknapp
sick jim carrey GIF
Don't forget Cunty !!!!!
Just saw this on the OS, and thought it was ripe for discussion & comment

It's not just the First team who have had a revamp, they've clearly been ringing the changes up at THFC OS Towers, as (like the Black & Liliywhite film released a few days ago) this oozes class!!!

What an fascinating list!

There's some truly amazing (and some terrifying) lost names in there....

Ahoy-hoy and Cloth Caps off to THFC for this one!

...and yes, I did look briefly to see if Sol Campbell was #666!!!
>>>he's not... but he's not far off... shame!

Speaking of 666... Christian Ziege is number 666.

Christian Ziege born in Germany... Christian means the follower of Christ.... Ziege however translated into German means Goat....

666 - half man half goat? Is Christian Ziege the Anti Christ?
There‘s a few cracking names on that list …….
No 8 cuthbert monk
No 38 “Bunks” Markham
No 69 Sandy Tait (with image, jaysus’)
No 187 Robert Tavish (he‘ll be Scottish will he?) 😂
No 210 Fanny Walden
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