Tottenham v Newcastle (Sunday 25 August 16.30)

Would be lying if I said I wasn't more than a bit worried tbh.

We have been incredibly shit these opening three games, carrying on from how woeful we were for large parts of last season. We were incredibly fortunate to beat Villa, should have been beaten 6 or 7-2 by City last week in reality and then that shit show today.

The team just looks so done, so jaded, so out of ideas. Teams seem to really have figured out how to play against us too these last few seasons. Sure, we get a bit of luck or a bit of quality shines through sometimes which wins us games, but gone are the days it would seem where we are able to play shit like Newcastle off the park and win totally on our own terms ala City or Liverpool.

Hopefully once we get all new signings up to speed they'll be able to freshen things up a bit, but by the time that eventually happens we could be a long way off the pace I fear.
Ooo, I hope I get this right. "What is 11 technically competent footballers" for 1000 Alex.
We have 11, it’s the style of play coming from the top that has stalled our offensive output. There is very little belief out there on the pitch, which is worrying. Been this way for a year more or less. Not the high flying team we were in Pochs first three years and I don’t think it is teams parking the bus or personnel. Poch has reverted to a far more risk adverse style of play.

The press, which was deployed for maybe 5 minutes is where city and pool kill off their opponents. They are relentless until they get that first goal. Today we just sat and let Newcastle have the ball, which would be okay if we were going to counter when we recovered, but nope, we just slowly brought the ball out the back.

Poch and pep have a similarity in management, that’s the love of possession. But what they do with it separates them at this point. We haven’t been getting quality opportunities for awhile now and it has to be down to tactics coming from Poch. I know if Pep or Kloop had this side we would be just as fit, but far more fluid in attack. It’s just far too safe.

Teams park the bus against the top sides, we have just been inept at creating chances.
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Maybe Davies wasn’t ready to play more than a few minutes. We already had to change one full-back due to injury.

Anyway, every single player was cack so it’s pointless to really harp on one individual. Our defence, midfield and attack were terrible. Their goalkeeper had literally nothing to do and they scored an easy goal from their only entrance into our half.

Pressure, isn’t it? We are not bright-eyed up and comers any more, we are now an established top team who just played a CL final. Now there is pressure to win and compete with City and we are not quite able to do it.
Ha ha - Davies wasn't ready to play more than 7 minutes?

I'm pretty sure if you're unable to complete more than 10 minutes in a match you won't be making the bench.

I'd have had more faith in Poch if he'd have subbed on Vertonghen for Rose..... At least that shows that he's trying to achieve something.

Poch really can do no wrong in some people's eyes.
I do actually think that Poch may want out. Maybe he's bored, maybe he's lost his appetite. Could it be that he wants Real Madrid and is just waiting until ZZ is fired over there?

He said that he possibly would've left if we won the CL, and with a mindset like that, I just don't think his hearts in it to think like that.

He seems miserable most of the time compared to his first couple of seasons with us. Argumentative with the press which was never in his locker.

Is it spreading to the players?
Nothing is out of the question I guess.

It does seem that we have become a team that's target is 3rd/4th and champs league each season, which to a certain extent is success.

Problem is that once the fans become accostomed to this (much like the scum), they take it for granted and become somewhat bored if they are not actually winning trophies that matter
I need to ask this question cause believe it or not, it has happened alot..

Can son and kane play together?. Im not sure what it is but something seems missing when them two are on the pitch. It just doesnt gel right.

Think we missed Ndombele today. He would have controlled that midfield with ease making it easier to attack. Winks and Sissoko are good, but Ndombele is better than both.

It’s early days so not melt necessary, but things need changing. Vertonghen, Alli, Ndombele and Eriksen could hopefully all come in next week. Then we’re a completely different team. Plus Lo Celso getting more time and Sessengon getting fit again.

Disappointed but we’ll improve.
And we had some shot shy motherfuckers out there today. Hit the fucking thing occassioanaly - get a corner, sneaky deflection. Anything better thn that cowardly sideways shit. As for the crossing 'quality'...
Sissoko sent in 2 crosses from which both Kane and Lucas should be scoring. Main problem was the lack of urgency and trying to create something instead of the tidy tidy nonsense.
It's clear the CL run was a deffo distraction. We've been poor for a while now so this wasn't just one of those days. I've got some genuine concerns. Need to cool off and have a think as too pissed off
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