What will ultimately be Mourinho's "1st XI"?

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Lucas is the one that I am not sold on. I think we would be better off with someone like Lamela or Lo Celso who actually picks their head up. Lucas for all his althetisicm, he just doesn’t get his head up and move the ball. He would rather dribble.

I do think Mourinho will go with Dier and Ndombele. He will want some girth in there. The interesting thing about today was that Dier was playing further forward than Winks when we had the ball. Mourinho clearly told him to let Winks take the ball off the back line when the ball didn’t go long.

I can’t guess how we will play for the rest of the year, but I hope we don’t just become a lump it forward type of team even though we did win many of the second balls. I just don’t think that will work against stronger sides that are on form. We will have to be confident in our play and interlink from the middle third to the final third.
Once again Sanchez got bullied and we conceded the 2nd goal today.
Tomorrow never comes so Toby-Verts is bolted on.
We were solid on the left until Ben got that knock and comms were saying we could go 3 at the back with him so Toby-Verts-Davies (all fit).
Gazza much better on the ball than Hugo. Can JM improve Hugo?
No. So
Aurier is a talented footballer. No question. Can he cut out the mistakes? Let's give JM and him the benefit.
Post getting long so that's it for now.
And Toby for the first?

Sold himself like a cheap prossie
Mou has always wanted Toby, he’s going to be the main guy in the back now. Outside of that, Dele, Son and Kane will likely always start. If a Ndombele can stay fit I would say him as well. Dier seems to be the only DM option and I don’t see Jose playing without a true #4. Everything else is a bit fluid.


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Fun to speculate but far too early to really tell. The other Jose trait we have seen is for him to take a player and move them to what is not a traditional position for them.
Pretty much that, though I wouldn’t rule out Lloris getting his place back, Walker-Peters or Foyth taking the RB position, and possibly Lo Celso or Lamela competing with Moura. Possibly Sessegnon instead of Davies.

I actually rate Aurier, but just see him as too hot-headed. Lloris would probably be a good fit for a tactical approach that doesn’t rely on a keeper being able to pass a ball. I love Moura and would be happy for him to be a regular starter, but he’s the most likely to lose out against Dele and Son.

Sessegnon could be the one that really misses out. I really rate him and think he was a massive signing, but he fits the wing-back formation more than a flat back four. Maybe with Foyth at RB and Dier as a DM there’s more flexibility to allow Sessegnon to roam forward, but that doesn’t seem to be Mourinho’s style

Sess could do what Aurier did today just on the other side. Have Foyth or Sanchez at right back and slip into a back three like Davies with Sess playing the Aurier role.


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Winks involved in 2 goals yesterday , and passing forward , I have a sneaky feeling Jose might see him as a regular in this team, and if he continues to be involved in goals then i will be very happy!
Eriksen lamela rose sissoko could be dead men walking, as could foyth and KWP as Jose will upgrade at fullback. If you asked him Davies would be nailed on as he likes consistent defenders first and foremost
Lamela is aggressive, and hard working so I think he might survive, but with limited playing time. The rest, I agree. Jose can sell some players, including Hugo and generate more funds to spend.
Pleased he has stopped the playing out from the back. When Sanchez was at Ajax they played Utd in Europa lge final. Utd tactics based on how poor Sanchez was with the ball.
I think Lucas will eventually fall out of the starting XI because he is very limited technically. He hurts our buildup.

Aurier Alderweireld Vertonghen Davies
Winks Dier
Lo Celso Dele Son

I think that after a few weeks this will be our starting XI. NDombele needs time to adapt to playing in the centre at this level, his physique and stamina are not there yet.
Considering how pragmatic he is, he will change some players all the time. The only "untouchables" in my opinion are Gazza, Toby, Dele and Kane. Lucas, GLC and Erik will be swapped for each other all the time, as will the midfield block.

I don’t think Dele will be untouchable. I reckon GLC will get a run in that drifty no 10 position.
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