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The Fighting Cock
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what am I receiving a warning for?
Is it because people are declaring a joke involving a gay person is a de facto hate crime or proof of homophobia- or is it because any jokes involving gays automatically becomes a hate issue? It was never a homophobic comment - it was simply polarising an issue to make a point.

I suspect that there is the same clique of people who will find fault in anything I post, because it's what they do.
I however have to take all of the asinine attempts to troll me, and insults about my mental health etc - and do nothing, even to make jokes about their stupidity.

I would appreciate clarity as I don't know what the rules are on this.
Have a read of this thread.

If you need a reason, it's because you're all posting off topic shite in the Harry Winks thread.


Beyond Evelebty
Just noticed that we have a new Moderator Moderator
Come on, own up. Which one of you has been brown nosing to get the prefect's affection?
Are you now Case's fag? (Not a homophobic slur)
Case has been abducted by Rob (Admin) and he's made A/C his moderator. It's part of their evil plan for world domination. I realised this was happening a while ago.


The Fighting Cock

"A sergeant major spends his time training his men to be killers. He doesn’t polish his own boots.

He probably does polish his own boots, but, you know, that doesn’t mean I have to do my own filing.”
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