Bottom 6 clubs. Which players would you want

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Benteke, Remy (although his injury proneness worries me), Figueroa

My only real concern though is that if Villa goes down, Guzan gets a shot at another club....Schwarzer is getting up there in age
I watched the game again last night, and at the end, Walcott doesnt have one bit of sweat on him.
Lazy fuck!

Nothing to do with his laziness... Wenger insisted on young Walcott having all his sweat glands removed when he signed, so that he could keep his 'little chicken' soft, smooth and moist on the inside.... just don't tell anyone!
Shaw, Clyne, and Ramirez from Southampton.
Benteke from Villa depending on the price.
Di Santo might be a decent squad player.
Sessegnon is a good player
I think McClean has potential

Shaw looks quality
Ramirez looks very good
Lallana I like but not sure he would fit in

I think Benteke is the only one of interest

Figueroa all day, would add to our squad today
Beausejour impresses when I see him but Im not even sure what his position is! Fb/WB/RW!?

None, zip

Ive always liked Granero
I still think Hoilett has a lot of potential

I wouldnt buy all of those, but I do think they are the better players at their prospective clubs and could bring something to the squad
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