Come here to laugh at Gooners

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Add to this they are absolutely skint and have what four over 30’s on astronomical three year contracts?

If you wrote a book about how not to run a football club just base it on these muppets over the last 5 years

Levy has his flaws but we are so lucky to have him
Wonder if the Kronkeys will bale them out?
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They need someone with a proven track record of:

root and branch reform of the club (or at least the bits in a manager's control);
successful managing in the PL;
winning titles and cups;
competitive in the CL.


Does anyone offers bets for Arteta getting sacked after todays game?

I wouldnt give good odds - next few games for an incoming manager or short term caretaker to get some results and take the heat off

West Brom

Bad result this evening, if I was i/c at Goons I'd pull the trigger having teed up someone like Redknapp to take over between now and then end of the season. Breathing space till the next Wenger
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