Come here to laugh at Gooners

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According to sources close to AFTV, Robbie and DT have today both gone for COVID tests. 'Go and get tested, it's not that bad', says AFTV impresario Robbie. Regular guest DT nods his agreement. 'Honestly, like, even if you think it's just a tickle, go get tested.'

That's the conversation Woolwich fans were having in the 1980s mate. If you're relying on "going and getting tested after the fact" as a match-winning strategy, they're going to make a Tom Hanks movie out of AFTV with Denzel Washington mate.

Honestly, the tactical awareness of these people.
Woolwich have beat a poor Chelsea side, West Brom, Brighton and have Palace and Newcastle coming up. Their fans will get hyped and say they are back in the race but once this easy run is over they are fucked.

Saints, United, Wolves, Villa, Leeds, City, Leicester, Burnley, Us, Liverpool

They will go Feb and March earning 10 points tops.
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