Come here to laugh at West Spam

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Isn’t it a three match ban for fisting?
Not to mention when it apparently isn't even his "death day". According to Wikipedia he died on February 24 unless I am looking up a different Bobby Moore that played for them.

They can't even get that right
To be fair to the Plaistow Subnormals, it's their first home game since then.

OK, back to laughing out loud out loud out loud out loud...


Guido 🇺🇦

"Legacy Fan"
Arnautavic has yet to score 20 goals for them, just for that reason alone please, please leave to China.

That thought got me onto their amazing strikers playing the West Ham Way, it makes for an interesting read.

West Ham strikers signed since Sullivan and Gold took over 9 Years Ago
36 Strikers: 164 Goals Combined: 821 Games
Ilan 4 goals in 11 games
Benni McCarthy 0 goals in 14 games
Mido (loan) 0 goals in 9 games
Fréddie Piquionne 11 goals in 62 games
Victor Obinna (loan) 8 goals in 32 games
Demba Ba 7 goals in 13 appearances
Paul McCallum 0 goals in 0 appearances
Robbie Keane (loan) 2 goals in 10 games

West Ham relegated to the Championship
Brian Montenegro (loan) 0 goals in 1game
John Carew 2 goals in 21 games
Sam Baldock 5 goals in 24 games
Nicky Maynard 3 goals in 17 games
West Ham promoted to the Premier League
Sean Maguire 0 goals in 0 appearances
Andy Carroll 34 goals in 136 games
Modibo Maïga 8 goals in 45 games
Wellington Paulista (loan) 0 goals in 0 appearances
Marouane Chamakh (loan) 0 goals in 3 appearances
Danny Whitehead 0 goals in 1 appearance
Mladen Petric 0 goals in 4 appearances
Carlton Cole re-signed 10 goals in 57 games
Marco Borriello (loan) 0 goals in 2 appearances
Jaanai Gordon 0 goals in 0 appearances
Mauro Zárate 7 goals in 29 games
Diafra Sakho 20 goals in 52 appearances
Enner Valencia 10 goals in 68 appearances
Nikica Jelavic 2 goals in 15 appearances
Emmanuel Emenike (loan) 2 goals in 16 appearances
Simone Zaza (loan) 0 goals in 11 appearances
Jonathan Calleri (loan) 0 goals in 9 appearances
Antonio Martínez 0 goals in 0 appearances
Ashley Fletcher 1 goal in 16 appearances
Jordon Hugill 0 goals in 3 appearances
Chicharito 13 goals in 49 games
Marco Arnautovic 19 goals in 52 appearances
Lucas Perez 4 goals in 13 games

Harry Kane 160 goals in 243 games! That's FOUR goals less than the last 36 strikers have scored in the last 9yrs COMBINED!!!



SouthStand Billy

Oh well, the great 4 game unbeaten run of 2018 has finally come to an end.
A statue is being erected at the Banter Bowl as we speak, an open top bus parade is also being organised.
The Hero’s who made that achievement happen will go down in the halls of fame and remembered across the world by every single West Ham fan.
No matter what happens from now until the end of time, that run can never be taken away.

Forget league titles, forget FA cups, forget Champions League - going 4 games unbeaten ( including the mighty Macclesfield) is where it’s at, but sadly it had to end some time.

R.I.P the class of 2018


SouthStand Billy

The outcry and anger caused by the appointment of Moyes is a joy to behold.
The cries for a protest are gathering pace and being planned as we speak. Let’s not forget, the last round of protests were on Moyes’s watch, due to piss poor football and results.

Moyes was deemed unsuitable as his style of football and piss poor results lead to fans demanding that a new manager was bought in.
They went for Pellegrini as he was a former premier league winner and were convinced he would take them to the next level.
Pellegrini was as bad as the last crop of managers and saw a win percentage of 37.5%. This was deemed as unacceptable and they decided to pull the plug.
Somewhere along the line, the owners thought it would be a good idea to go back to the man who fans were desperate to get rid of and the man who managed a whopping 29% win rate. They are probably wondering why the fans are so outraged and fuming.

David Moyes has been out of work since he was labelled as not good enough for a shockingly shite West Ham, a club that accepts mediocrity.
Have the owners not considered why he has been out of work, despite many managerial posts being available? The reason is because the man is shit, he is a dinosaur and plays football even Sam Allardyce would yawn at.
The fans don’t want him, the players don’t want him but the owners still decided to go with him as he is the cheap option. They will never learn and that’s why there will be protests and fans rebelling against the club.

It’s wonderful, it’s absolutely wonderful and I for one am enjoying every single minute of their demise and current laughable situation.
There is not one club on this planet that deserves the shit they are in more than them. They are heading for oblivion, they are finished, they are not West Ham anymore, their very soul has been sold, the stadium is shit, the players are shit, the fans are shit and their situation is shit..

What a pleasure it is watching this all unfold.
Fuck off West Ham, fuck off and don’t come back. It’s over, you are finished and the world will be a better place without you. Don’t RIP, rot in hell you odious, rancid shitstain of a club.

All my love Billy. xx
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