None of us know what their personalities are like behind closed doors. It's childish to us but we haven't spent our whole lives being molly coddled by a system where everything is done for you.
I think it's less that and more his upbringing before pro football.
Then criticise him for his attitude to training, performances on the pitch etc, not this specific non-incident.

He probably does need to grow up, yes, and needs to play better, but I'm not going to hound him over this absolute non-story.
Haven't hounded him exactly. I would say there's an argument that growing up would serve him well. Off and on the pitch.
Doesn't mean he can't be a lad.

But as you could see in his meeting with mou in the doc, his petulance keeps him from taking advice to heart.
It seems terribly English to focus on his nastiness as his main asset rather than his technical ability.

His problem is that he isn’t technically proficient enough when jt comes to close control/dribbling (like Tanguy), doesn’t have the passing range or awareness (like Gio), nor the pace to terrify the opposition or run away from trailing defenders (like Son).

For a guy who plays in the number 10 role he is severely lacking in many important departments. His lack of technique often leads him to slowing down quick attacks or just outright losing it. His main strength was arriving in the box at the right time but that isn’t enough anymore.

If the nastiness was the only issue, he’d have been alright.
Its not nasty thats just journalistic licence. Its competative edge. Do you know the very long list of less than complete technically accomplished players that made it to the very top. He has already proved he has the tools so it really cannot be that. Played for his country etc. You can quibble about the exact name for his issues but most have long concluded its about attitude and application. Not sure it gets resolved at Spurs, but it can most certainly be honed, and he used as an elite functional footballer.
Oh and can I take a moment to subvert the thread and shift focus to the nasty Ginger Ninja that is J. Pickford. Pretty sure Alli never really recovered from the deliberate shoing he took from Pickford who has now done the same to VVD. I wonder if Virgil will have some scouse thread chart his decline in the year to come.


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Maybe - but he's clearly so far down Mourinho's list now. His value will only go down if he doesn't play. Surely we'd have been better off (and him too, frankly) with him playing for PSG.
He can play every Thursday , we have a hectic schedule coming up so he will get plenty of game time to prove to Jose he should be playing in the PL , if he doesn’t start Thursday then yeah I will agree he should have been loaned out
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