Harry Winks

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He’s genuinely improved since Mourinho came on. Apparently his ankle issues were still hampering him and he’s only now gotten truly fit in the last few months. In my mind he’s gone from a depth player to a borderline starter, which is great for the team.

Winks, Ndombele and Lo Celso as a midfield 3 would sure be something.


Remember the 90s?
I’m convinced Ndombele could be eating a full meal and still manage a through ball or draw a foul.
His defensive workrate is the concern.

City and Dippers are among the best in Europe due to their individual and collective defensive/offensive high workrate. Top clubs don't tolerate passengers off the ball.

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Remember the 90s?
It is obvious he has been improving under Jose.

We shouldn't put too much expectations on him, he will neither be the next Modric, nor another Tom Caroll.

Let him be Harry Winks.
He's decent. I dont get the OTT love for him.

Hes one of those players like Lewis Holtby that gets far to much adoration. From fans and TV pundits alike.

He did ok today. 1st half him and Dier were overrun by Villa. It was only when GLC came on that we started to control the midfield.

The difference between Winks and GLC is night and day.

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Controls every game he's playing .. the city game the villa game , ever since he became regular when dembele left he's just midfield controller machine and we are crusing . Right ?
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