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As an old cunt, I'm going to go back to the 80s, when I used to go to Spurs quite a bit. I lived in Hackney, I was piss poor for a lot of the time (and a fair bit of my meagre disposable income went on on wine, women and Class B, so I'm not going to claim to be a regular, although it was always the Park Lane end of the Shelf for me back in the day).

These were the days of a Perryman-Ardiles central midfield. Magnificent, we've never seen two legends like that together since (and probably hadn't since Blanchflower and Mackay). The point of this post is that no one wondered why they didn't score more goals, or moan when they passed the ball backwards. There in the ground you could see what they did and the whole ground loved them. If they were missing (be that through injury, suspension or just a poor game) you noticed it.

I saw tons of games where either one or the other didn't have a noticeable "TV style" impact on the game but you still knew they were a key part in everything else that was happening. Just see how Glenn talks about them, and they about him.

(As a quick aside, I'd like to mention that not everybody was fully aboard the Hoddle-As-Genius bus. There used to be a lot of moaning about him in the early 80s on the terraces, "Glenda", "Doesn't get stuck in" and so forth. Perhaps other old schoolers can confirm this.)

I'm not suggesting for a second that Winks is the new Stevie or Ossie, god forbid, just that it strikes me that tidy central midfielders who kept the ball moving, who generally found better placed team mates, who did their best to cover their defence, who passed back when they wanted to stretch the opposition and all that were more recognised back then.

Younguns - watch a full game or extended highlights from those days. See how often these players trapped the ball, looked around and played a simple pass sideways or even - GOD NO, backwards - to a team mate.

See also: David Howells (who got a fair bit of grief too, often unjustifiably so). Maybe it's to do with greater TV coverage and the balance between the opinions of those at the ground and those watching on the box having shifted.

Like Howells, Harry Winks is Tottenham in ways we can only dream about. Is he the new Osvaldo Ardiles? Of course not, he'd be the first to admit that. Is he a versatile, dependable midfielder who managers love because he does what they tell him to, to the best of his abilities? Certainly.

Is he currently better than Højbjerg, Lo Celso, Ndombele in his current form? No. Can he play a hugely valuable part in covering those players? Yes of course. Will he fuck up massively in doing so? Unlikely.

The worst he'll be is steady, unspectacular, pim-pam, keeping the ball moving, making pretty intelligent decisions based on how he sees the game in front of him. That's more than fine with me.

Rant over

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Very interesting that he said everyone's training harder, fitter, more together than they were last season. Was that for Nuno's consumption, or were they really a bit disfunctional under Mourinho? Bit of both, I reckon.

Found this difficult to watch. He looks like a kid under too much pressure… arms crossed very tightly and clearly uncomfortable.

I think as a fan base, we need to take a long look at our treatment of him. I’m embarrassed by some of it. We’re not Woolrich for fuck sake.

Him and his family are Spurs and through, just the fact he’s played for the first team alone is cause for celebration. He’s played well for us in the past and with support; he can again.

Well played today Winksy 👍
Ciro Ciro You’re not a Spurs supporter, you’re a Mourinho supporter. If you don’t rate Winks (and most people don’t at the moment natch) You don’t need to jump on the enormous ‘Winks is shit’ bandwagon. It doesn’t make you look brave, or particularly insightful, it makes you look like a sheep.
I read this very authoritarian poster saying I´m a "Mourinho supporter" - and not a Tottenham supporter - and I thought I could use this opportunity to talk about my relationship with Spurs - and why it´s so special to me. This is not an answer to you, my dear angry hater Joe Clash Joe Clash . And I apologize to everybody else for writing a big post that is not connected with Harry Winks at all (and also for my bad english in general).

To my dear posters from The Fighting Cock:

"I´m a football fan, more than anything else. I love the game, I love it´s unpredictability. I love the fact that you can win - and you can play well - in many different ways. I love the fact that, unlike in other sports, the best team during a game won´t necessarily win the match. Since a very young age, I eat and breathe football. And I grew up in the 90´s - when football played in Brazil was still very rich. My beloved club is Botafogo, a very traditional Brazilian team - the club of Garrincha, Didi, Nilton Santos, Gerson, Jairzinho, Zagallo... But the truth is that Botafogo don´t win many titles (especially in recent years) and for that reason we are intensely mocked by our rivals - sounds familiar?

Anyway, in the early 2000´s football played in Brazil started to deteriorate and we began to lose players not only to top European clubs and leagues, but also to Turkey, Japan, China, etc. I need to consume football at the highest possible level - so I had to turn my attention entirely to Europe for the first time. Jose was beginning his career in Portugal at that time. I remember watching his Porto team in the Uefa Cup (2002-03). It was a solid team, with players full of energy and confidence. A small side fighting and winning against much bigger clubs. More than anything else, it was a very tactical team - able to change and adapt according to different oppositions. They were not trying to be "adventurous". It was about knowing everything about the game, and then finding a way to win it. That was the immediate connection I felt with Jose Mourinho. Not the pure "winner" thing, but the disposition to win using everything that this beautiful game allows you to use. In a way, it shows more respect towards football than anything else.

Now, I don´t care (I never did) about anything Jose does outside of his managerial functions. And I don´t dislike other managers - on the contrary, I also follow their teams independently of Jose. I don´t have a Twitter account (I use my wife´s account when I need) and my relationship with my father is pretty good. So, please, forget about any stereotypes that you might have in your mind about what a "Mourinho supporter" is. It´s just that, as a teenager football fan already following the game with a strong Brazilian background, it made more sense to me to follow Jose´s works than to simply choose an European team and call it "My team" - after all, I already had a team. Until now, I watched and rewatched Jose´s teams as an observer - which actually gave me a privileged position to analyze and judge his works. My perception of things, for good and for bad, was always different than what fans were thinking. I never screamed at the window when Inter Milan scored a goal, for example. I never wanted to write in a Manchester United forum.

But when Jose came to Spurs last November and I did a small research inside Spurs communities, it felt different. And most of all, because of the fans. Spurs fans are pessimistic. There is a real inferiority complex around - just remember how scared people were about the Amazon Doc before it´s release. Fans are tired of their club being mocked by rivals. Tired of not winning. In many ways, it´s exactly like my people - "Botafogo supporters" - are feeling since the 60´s. And then of course, knowing more about Spurs culture and History, it all came together and it was very easy to feel like a fan - and not just as an observer. I didn´t simply choose an European club in an artificial way. It took me almost 20 years to feel a real connection with one. It started because I´m a "Mourinho supporter", yes, but it will last forever.

Finally, this is the reason why I disagree that Jose fans, or "Sonny fans", or "Bale fans" will necessarily abandon Spurs once these high profile football personalities are gone. Some of them will, of course. But others will stay, and the most important thing: Tottenham will only get bigger in the process, exactly by assimilating different fans from different backgrounds and different parts of the world.

We are all Spurs supporters."

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has to be the rat. now hes unfollowing us on social media apparently.
"Has to be the rat" purely and simply because you want it to be him. You don't have the merest shred of evidence.

Indeed, The Athletics "exclusive reveal" might well be utter bollocks, seeing as it too is devoid of proof.

But no. It's Winks. Has to Be. He's the rat.

Wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't at least partly to blame for the clusterfuck in Afghanistan too, the cunt
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Dr Rocktopus

Love Winks.

The United fan I work with is a big fan of him. Patronisingly explained to me how he's very similar to Carrick.

I explained that I was well aware of how Carrick plays, as I beat him to death with my keyboard.
Met him today in Dalston, would send the photo but I look a fucking mess. Was a nice kid. You forget these people are just kids. Anyway he was sound, chatted about Watford on Sunday and spoke to my daughter. Yido


Now I'm a big fat dynamo!
Someone got caught on camera spitting at him when he entered Orient's building.

If that person was a Spurs fan I hope they get identified and banned.

It's perfectly fine to not rate or particularly like a player. But behave like civilized people ffs.
This thread is a disgrace and serves as the best defense for any player who shits on Spurs and wants out. It is ridiculous when fans accuses players of not being loyal, as long as fans show so little support and love for players who struggle to play to their potential. I am almost tempted to forgive Sol Campbell, seeing how you fuckers talk about one of our own.

Has Winks been a stand-out, amazing player for us the past few seasons? No, he has not.

But have we played a style of football that has played to his strengths? Absolutely not. Has he received support from the fanbase, to build his confidence? Hell no. Has he been playing under a manager that gets the best out of his players? No, Mourinho rips heart and soul and confidence out of most of his squads.

There is a better player in there than what we have seen the past couple of seasons. Hopefully we can see that player again. If not, we should respect the guy for what he has actually achieved: Going through the youth ranks and achieving a place as a fairly regular starter for us at a time when we were close to the best we've been for decades is fucking amazing. If he can't get back to his best and he is sold we should salute and wish him the very best for the remainder of his career.


"Legacy Fan"
Really, he won't. He will end up at Hull, West Brom, Palace etc. Some people on here have used his name in the same sentence as Modric, which is completely laughable. I remember people on forums talking about Bentaleb as if he was going to set the world on fire, and how bloody awful is he. I have been watching Spurs for 47 years and believe me I can spot a player. Off the top of my head the only time I can remember getting it wrong was Danny Rose, who has turned out to be brilliant, otherwise I am always spot on. Winks isn't a bad player, but he will never be good enough for a team like Spurs.
Players - Harry Kane
Oh you and your spotting of players you............
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