Harry Winks

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Nabil Bentaleb

Ask yourself this. What top 4 team in the prem would have him?
More like top 40 team. What a disaster of a player. Like I said once he is lucky he came from the Tottenham youth setup. If he was like per instance on MK Dons like dele, winks would never ever turned pro. And if the academy doesn’t produced a better midfielder than him in the last years they can be shut off (I’m not counting skipp)


The prodigal son.
Shit mediocre player that is stealing a living from one good game against Real Madrid. The embodiment of the mediocrity surrounding our club at the moment. At least Aurier, for all his brainfarts, had a player in him. This prick has nothing. Would rather we canceled his contract...
We are stucked with this man offering nothing for 3 years now, same with Dele and they know here is the only place they will keep on playing cause Levy refuse to sell them for what they value and insist in playing these donkeys in order to get the fee he wants. Once they are moved to a mid table team they will soon be in Championship. For them is much better to stay here and if our chairman doesn't want to sell them we will be delivering that shitshow that we put against palace on a regular basis.
While Sissoko was obviously not good enough for us , we sold him and kept winks...
Whens the last time winks ever did anything like this against a PL team.

Both had to go. That video doesn't change the fact that Sissoko was no where near the midfield standard for a top 4 club aspiring for a title.

Of course, we're essentially a mid table level club now, so it seems we sold a lynchpin.
I'm going to play devils advocate here.

Poch got to a CL final playing with Winks in midfield. Since then we've had Jose, Nuno and to an extent Mason play defensive football.

What can you expect from your midfielders if the team ethic is to defend. The way I see it is that you can stick any player in there, his passing map and stats will look shit because the way the team is setup to play isn't designed to have multiple passes being played in the final 3rd because we have played this low block shit for the past 2 years.

The regression of some of our players has come about through some appalling tactics from multiple management teams, including Poch in the latter stages. But at least Poch tried to play to the strengths of our players.

I'm convinced that you could put KDB into our team and he would have a shit pass map given the way we were setup at the weekend. There was no intent to play with the ball, just lump the ball to Kane and it gets recycled. We were so unbalanced with Dele on the left, Lucas tried to dribble the ball through their entire team and eventually got tackled.

Yes we played cloggers in midfield but I'm sorry the tactics were total shite. We deserved that loss for not showing any ambition. The same ambition being shown by those in charge of the club. They've made the bed, we just need to sleep in it now.
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