Ilaix Moriba

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Deki Tekkers
Is he here yet?


Another cheap shit possible signing, he can fuck off thinking Leipzig are better than us

Huh?! He hasn't said that at all. He wants to come to us and Barca want to deal with us, but his agents want him to go to Liepzig.. Apparently they have some kind of agreement in place with them that nets them a lot of money in agents fees.


Death to petro-murder-ball sports-washing.
.....Also why does this need another thread?

All that's gonna happen is the last 2 days of the TRF thread are gonna get re-hashed and split in 2.

Can't we just start player threads IF and when they are actually signed?
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If we sign Ilaix Moriba, following on from Bryan Gil and Pape Matar Sarr, then we will be:


Moriba, Gil & Sarr are three of the highest rated young players in Europe, and by signing them before they become superstars, we're adopting the approach that Leipzig have successfully used for several seasons now.

Of course one or more those three may never achieve their full potential.

But as a transfer strategy, I'm very happy my club is signing players with huge potential, rather than the Stamboulis, N'Jies, Sissokos & Dohertys of previous windows.

Watching him yesterday, Bryan Gil in his AM role genuinely made me think of a young Modric, except he was playing 10 yards higher up the pitch than Luka. Happy times.
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