Jan Vertonghen

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Don't know if there are any clips floating around of it - but I have to say that break away against Stoke where Jan was left basically 1v4 was incredibly astute defending. The ball carrier (Diouf was it?) was driving to the penalty area but Jan stayed in a central position throughout knowing that if he committed to the ball the easy pass was on for a sure-thing goal. Of course there was a risk that Diouf would drive to Hugo's left and rifle it in but it was the much smarter decision to stay in the middle and challenge him to do it himself.

In the end Diouf ran out of steam and wasn't confident enough to do it himself so hit a cross/shot which went straight to our man Jan who was in the perfect position. Absolutely quality defending.
This! That moment was an absolute genius in terms of defending! He knew exactly what he was doing! I am sure if it was Aurier/Sanchez in Jan's place, they would have dived in and given away a penalty to stop what seemed an easy goal scoring chance. Jan's experienced head puts him really at the top of defenders in the world, shame that he's getting old and we need to think of a replacement soon for him in 3-4 years. Hope he retires at Spurs!


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Jan should be Club Captain IMHO. He was the only one fighting in that second half. He’s a leader on the pitch and that’s what we need.


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Love the guy.

Comes across as someone who cares about the club and ultimately just wants to play football for football sake and because he enjoys it. A rare breed.

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Love him, he deserves every accolade going, he has been our most consistent player all season. Suppose if anyone can persuade Toby to stop playing silly beggars, it will be Super Jan ..... can't say his name with preceding it with Super.
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