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Do you accept Jose Mourinho as your saviour?

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Question: I believe a big reason we have underperformed is that our current coach came in mid season. However this excuse can only go so far.

What I’m trying to say is that when the season restarts and “the machine still doesn’t tick” after 2 weeks of TRAINING + the run in period before the first match I don’t see why a pre season would have the opposite effect?

(Granted the conditions of a pre season tour are better than this situation but I think a pre season is mostly about having time, which they now have too.)

Let me put it in arbitrary numbers to explain:

Now we play at 60% of the maximum-Jose-level-of excellence.
I don’t believe that if we can only manage to get to 70% after 2 weeks of training + 2 weeks of training before the first match of the restart, that another 4 weeks of pre season would get us to 100%.

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