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That's the one. So weird that neither Nike nor Tottenham are selling it on their respective websites.
I bought the one based on last season’s purple third kit from Kitbag. It was there first, then the club started selling them a fe weeks later. Imagine it’ll be similar.

Nowhere is selling the purple and black beanies that all the players wear yet. I’m surprised because they seem really popular
Nike in recent years have stepped up their portfolio of teams they partner with. I imagine this is due to them being able to offer more money as they streamline production. Economy of scale and all that...

My point about player images is Nike will have a huge studio and processes set-up to deal with all the marketing and sales collateral that every team will expect from their kit manufacturer. By having templates the only thing teams have to decide is which players to use in the promotional material and supply relevant images.

Working daily on this type of thing I see huge hours that are burnt by people having to make design decisions and delays due to approval processes. Nike have cut all this out by standardising things and as such can offer more lucrative deals to clubs. It's how they get the deals...
I think Under Armour are now giving Nike a threat that even the likes of Adidas could never do.

Yes they are still a long, long way behind Nike, but UA is taking a lot of Nike ground and are gaining a foothold in the football market.

I'd imagine Nike are making an effort to consolidate markets like football kits and athletic apparel.

Nike should be afraid, in comparison to UA their stuff is mostly second rate.
Massive fan of UA gear, seems decent for the money.

In times gone past nobody could touch Nike due to the vast sums of money adversing costs but the world is a very different place now, and a clever strategy can make a real impact as we're seeing with UA

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