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River Lea Banks

Unknown's Blue and White Army
You've all been deceived...

Update again for the #ITK cam


They appear to have finished what they were putting up - but have cleverly disguised it.

This is obviously to avoid ruining the surprise of knowing what is behind the spurs emblem shaped shrink wrap, or behind the 'WATCH US RISE' shaped shrink wrap.

In other news, Daniel's son is eagerly anticipating Christmas after noticing his dad has done his shopping early. He thinks it might be a Nintendo.

Is it going to be the AIA stadium would have thought whoever has the naming rights to our ground if we can get one that is would want to be on the front of our shirts. Also being in the champions league for 2 years would have attracted somthing with more money and better than AIA
If everyone was willing to compromise... They could call it WHITE HART LAIANE !!!
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Looks more likely the leaked kit going to be the one, the back of the shirt doesn't look too bad if it's like that. Roll on July.
Are you joking...? The back of the shirt is terrible...
if you look at it from a distance (as most of us will be during a game) the white actually forms the shape of an upper body and (slim) neck...
the players' heads will look like they've been stuck on top...

They'll all look like fucking Cluedo!

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