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It depends what happens with Zidane as well. Apparently he doesn't rate Regy. If he leaves and the new manager does, then he may want Regy back.

He'll have to rate him to the tune of £45m for starters AND not fancy Mendy, (the fading) Marcelo and the other kid they have.....

(Of course you're not wrong, I just feel quite chill about the whole thing.....)
Actually he's quoting SportWitness who have taken an As story and cherry picked it to come up with a more dramatic sounding version of it.

I've just read the original article (which I can only find in Spanish for the moment), it focuses on Marcelo's decline and his poor game in the defeat to newly-promoted Cádiz at the weekend. It says that Zidane must have something against him to first loan him out and then sell him but that Madrid included a buy-back clause set at €40 million, €10 million more than we paid for him, that neither player nor Madrid would agree to the deal otherwise. They describe it as making good economic sense, but very bad sporting sense. It finishes with the sentence "We'll see what Zidane thinks in the Summer".

All well and good, there's nothing in that we didn't already know, nothing in the article that is wrong or wild conjecture and not the first time by any means that As have published a piece that is critical of Zidane.

Zidane is such a fraud. He rode the coattails of CR7

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Not sure I can remember liking a player this much so quickly.

Just clicked on his twitter and look at his profile pic and banner... Plus the I love you comment to Hojberg and the meme with Bale.

He's already a winner, has unreal pace and talent, everyone in the squad seems to love him already...

Such a great signing.

Only worry is I think he's going to do so well for us that Madrid come calling... just got to hope he wants to stay and be a legend here rather than be taken back by the club who didn't want him.

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