Sergio Reguilón

Brilliant player. A threatening strike from outside the box and a really good shot on target that was well blocked to set up Lo Celso's chance. Towards the end of the game he took up lots of central-ish positions with intention to bomb in at the back post and meet crosses (like Chilwell is doing well for Chelsea), there's goals coming for Reguilon. Good ball in for the Vinicius chance. Will be one of the key reasons we fare better against the top sides this year. Honestly, what a signing this guy is, one of the first names on the team sheet for me.
I just love how involved he is, both in attack and defense - 99 touches and 72 passes (1st! over PEH even), 2 interceptions (joint 1st), 7 clearances (joint 1st), 5 blocks (1st), 3 shots (joint 2nd) against West Brom. Feel like we haven't had a FB like that in a while, superb attitude and energy and at his age, his reading of the game will only continue to improve :thumbup:

Help... can anyone translate Spanish? I just heard the "muy, muy, muy bien" :D
The quote: "Mourinho called me many times to sign me".

In the video Reguilón also says:

"Mourinho impressed me a lot. Since I was kid I really liked him, I like his intensity in training. I would like if people saw him as I see him now. He is the first to be serious and ask more from us but when it's time to fool around, he is also the first."
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Alaba is rumoured since Marcelo is probably leaving this summer. To me it sounds dubious since he is 28, will ask for a very high salary and Mendy is doing quite well. If Zidane quits or is fired, which is very likely at the moment for the awful (and totally predictable) season, Reguilón will probably come back with another coach. Although there is another promising left back called Gutiérrez in the Factory (nickname for our youth system since we produce lots of players that are spread all over Spain) Reguilón comes from the Factory too.

Or we might re-buy him if he keeps growing his market price as we did with Morata. We sold him to Juve for 20 and re-bought him for 30 to sell him again to Chelsea for 80. (Best deal ever for a low profile player). Although the re-buying price of Regui is too high, 45M is too much, he should increase his market price a lot more for Madrid to re-buy.
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