Tottenham Hotspur VS Rennes. ECL - Thursday Dec 9th 2021 KO 8PM

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As of now:

No Romero (injured)
No Emerson (ill - return tbc)
No Gil (ill - return tbc)
No Sessengon (banned)
No Reggie (minor injury today... Let him heal!)
PEH picked up a knock today too.

+ A need for rotation thanks to xmas rush + LC

All of a sudden this seems a bit of an ask.... Unless Rennes send the proverbial kids considering they've already won the group.

Reluctant to play Dier, Davies, Reg, Skipp & PEH as we're fucked without them for the time being.

/ Japh / Rodon / Sanchez / Berg
/ Winks / Ndombele
(Lucas**) / Kane (Scarlet**)
(**Sub on for 2nd half.)

Lo Celso has been out injured - no idea if he's back.

TBH I'd be tempted to play Harvey White in place of Ndombele who doesn't put much effort in, plus White can play as a DM or CM depending on how Conte wants to set the team up .



+2 GD advantage.

Surely Vitesse will beat that GD deficit v Mura? I think we will need to win big?
Firstly. Renne, who are 2nd in French Ligue 1, play Nice on Sunday who are in 4th position. Renne have already won the Conference League group, so why would they field a strong team against us on Thursday?

Secondly. Assuming we beat Renne, and Vitesse beat Moura, therefore we both finish on the same points.
These are the tiebreaker rules: (All things are equal for the first 3 rules and rule 4 doesn't apply, so rule 5 could be the decider).
  1. Points in head-to-head matches among the tied teams;
  2. Goal difference in head-to-head matches among the tied teams;
  3. Goals scored in head-to-head matches among the tied teams;
  4. If more than two teams are tied, and after applying all head-to-head criteria above, a subset of teams are still tied, all head-to-head criteria above are reapplied exclusively to this subset of teams;
  5. Goal difference in all group matches;
Spurs are 2 goals better off than Vitesse in goal difference, so we have a 2 goal start.

If we were to win by 1 goal and Vitesse were to win by 3, so making us level. The following rules apply:

6. Goals scored in all group matches;
7. Away goals scored in all group matches;
8. Wins in all group matches;
9. Away wins in all group matches;
10. Disciplinary points (direct red card = 3 points; double yellow card = 3 points; single yellow card = 1 point);
11. UEFA club coefficient.

Spurs will lose out on rule 7, if we finish equal to Vitesse (rule 5) on goal difference after Thursday night's games.
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We will need something like 3-0. Hopefully, they will leave at home important players, like Laborde, Bourigeaud, etc.. Will be hard, nonetheless.
With the busy Christmas period coming up, really need to be playing Ndombele, Alli and Steven B and use the whole squad. As proved many times this season these players just haven’t produced when called upon. Will Conte laying into them after Mura away make any difference?? it is an interesting one for team selection as the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. As others have said the only saving grace is Rennes have already qualified so should be putting in half arsed effort.
We don’t have the squad depth to compete in this competition while also being competitive in the cups and the league. We proved that against Mura.

Just play our second string and bin this shit off already. Everybody needs a rest you could tell from the game today that we were tired from Brentford.

Put us out of our misery Rennes.
maybe this will be a factor for the game on Sunday

Glad Trossard’s out against us. Each time I’ve watched Brighton, he’s looked very lively and would give our defenders a tough time.

Back to Rennes, the odds are against us, as I expect Vitesse to take Mura more seriously after our debacle. Am a bit torn on the strength of side we should field, as I really want us to compete and keep up the momentum. In Conte we‘ll need to trust!
I’ve supported Spurs for 30 years and we’ve won two league cups, so I’m all for playing the strongest team and winning this competition.
Ah! Newby optimism! (Kidding!)

I'm all for winning tinpots too, just not sure we really want this team to be fixture-locked and I'm not looking forward to it:

UEFA Europa Conference League knockout round play-off draw: 13 December The eight group runners-up will be joined by the eight third-place UEFA Europa League finishers to compete for the remaining round of 16 spots. Clubs from the same association cannot be drawn against each other

Road to Tirana
Knockout round play-offs: 17 & 24 February
Round of 16 draw: 25 February
Round of 16: 10 & 17 March
Quarter-finals & Semi-final draw: 18 March
Quarter-finals: 7 & 14 April
Semi-finals: 28 April & 5 May
Final: 25 May (National Arena, Tirana)

The winners of the eight ties on 17 and 24 February will join the eight UEFA Europa Conference League group winners in the round of 16.

This competition is not (is not) as important as the English ones IMO. OK maybe a bit better than the Charity Shield- except playing in that would mean we won something significant the year before.
I want to win this game purely because it will keep the momentum going. But I can’t summon any enthusiasm for this competition and will not care if we don’t go through to have to play a ridiculous play off.
It's play offs at best = 2 more matches (H&A) before even reaching the last 16...

Going out = ridicule for evermore... Well, at least til we WIN something!

Winning the competition = similar ridicule for evermore... Well, at least til we win something SIGNIFICANT!!
Hope we lose and exit

Couldn’t care less about the ridicule. All about the PL and this is a major distraction for zero recognition. Not a chance we can play another 12+ games on Thursdays and finish 4th
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