Tottenham v Bournmouth (30.11.19) (3pm)

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Mrs Perryman

I'm a Cockney Malteser 👑
Are you on smack?

Son has been one of the brightest, happiest, most cheerful lights in the modern game and I, for one, love to watch him play week in week out. He's a skillful, charismatic, smart and committed character that is sorely missing from what is rapidly becoming a retard's mercenary business. Don't even fucking start that bollocks you dopey cunt. Honestly, you'd make me laugh if I didn't feel sorry for you.

I agree with all your comments, but please don't use the word retard, it's so offensive to people with special needs. Thank you.
I'm still a bit unsure about your point.
If a defender handles in his own box-then that's a foul. It's a penalty. Whatever happens afterwards doesn't matter. Same as any other VAR decision.
Why is it only a foul if an attacker handles in the box?

I'm not sure how else to explain it to you :mourbringit:

Others seem to have got it, maybe one of them could have a go .
Certainly I'm enjoying watching the team play again going forward the team are quicker and more threatening than the previous passive approach, at the moment the defending is not where it should be but that will only serve to help Jose in hopefully bringing 1/2 in during January.
Had the displeasure of listening to Dixon commentating, what a bollock that man is. Gazzaniga getting wrecked 2-3 times in quick succession, so he says "goes down a lot that keeper doesn't he...".

Also made a comment about how he hasn't stopped for any pictures today in case any of his Woolwich chums are listening. Don't act like you have principles when you're happy enough to be sat in the stadium getting paid for it you total cunt.
Even when they broke through in the last seconds and we were absolutely in danger of drawing the game?
I think the players, like the fans, have still got the old cobwebs of the old regime haunting us.

But that tackle by Jan summed up everything that is different between now and then.
That was a Spurs player saying “like FUCK are we throwing this away” as opposed to “oh well I’m off soon anyway”.

A few weeks and I think we will see these scares and sloppy lapses phase out. The fact is, after just three games, the boys are regaining the winning mentality.
Yeah, there's some cunt that won't stop moaning about Pochettino...
Jesus Christ same old cunts moaning about cunts moaning

Have you said one good thing about Jose?
Maybe one.

How many of your posts are about me though?
Weirdo, at least Poch is Spurs related. You’re just talking about posters all the time.

What the FUCK was wrong with my post?
Oh that’s right, I said it was better now than then.

Then YOU bring up Poch, and then moan about it if I answer and mention him.


Vertonghen at left back ..of course...why did we not all think of that? Doesnt he play there for belgium?
Great last ditch tackle at the end there...
Vertonghen at left back ..of course...why did we not all think of that? Doesnt he play there for belgium?
Great last ditch tackle at the end there...
I think it's been fitness and maybe Pochettino having a bit of a fall out with him that's held him back this season...
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