What would you rather have won?

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What would you rather of won?

  • Premier League 2016/17

    Votes: 35 48.6%
  • Champions League 2018/19

    Votes: 37 51.4%

  • Total voters
Two massive trophies which we came so close to winning - both still haunt me that we were actually so close, but what would you rather have won?

To me it's really hard - you've got:

The Premier League, haven't won it since 61. Our last season at WHL, our best team in my lifetime, would have pipped a Chelsea team full of wankers to the title after the Battle of the Bridge the season before, winning it over 38 games rather than a few cup games


The Champions League, the biggest prize in club football, we've never won it, the manner of the run with the Ajax and City games, Pochettino's final season, a one off game to win it so you get that big celebration, only a few weeks after moving into the new stadium, beating Liverpool in the final, the Poch era finishing with the trophy he and that squad littered with club icons such as Vertonghen, Eriksen, Alderweireld etc deserved, Woolwich have never won it and lost in a UEL final a few days before

To me it is on a knife edge but I think I have to go Prem - thoughts?
With that truly stirring backs-to-the-wall run up to the CL final, I'd have to pick that but only by a hair. Sigh, what could've been :pochcry:
I'm actually starting to change my mind, the previous disappointment of 16/17 probably would have made 18/19 even more special. Still fuming we didn't even get to even enjoy the experience of being in a CL final properly because we conceded a pen (that looking back shouldn't have been a penalty) 20 seconds in.


ENIC OUT NOW !!! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
I voted PL but realistically the CL was so much closer

It all seems light years ago now...
Premier League for me, because that team at that point was ten times better than it was when we got to the CL final.

I was still in love with the whole era back then, where as by 2019 I had a lot of negativity towards a few players and Poch. The poison had already set in.

I think 2016 would have been one of those legendary PL winning teams, considered one of the best in this country’s history.
“Pochs Spurs“ would have been talked about for decades, even rivals would have to concede we was one of those teams, where as most people last year would have just said we were shit and didn’t deserve it.
I think the PL would have been bigger for our long term success.

The CL always felt like a strange run. We were almost out so many times. That season in the league though, we were fucking brilliant. Just lost out bottle near the end.
Champions league just pips it for me. Even though we've not won the league since god was a lad, we have actually WON it. Champions league would have completed the set of every major trophy won and major European recognition. Also Woolwich have never won it and likely never will, so we'd always have that against those cunts.
CL every time. I'd have loved that final game to be a crazy high score rollercoaster in keeping with the battle both teams had had to get there and then we grab the winning goal near the end again. Unfortunately we got a boring, burnt-out final.
Premier League in a heart beat.
Then we could have gone into the Champions league as proper Champions.
Both would have been wonderful, but to see us crowned Champions would have been so so special.
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