What you wearing for the big game?


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Had a rethink. Any thoughts on this one? A bit more timeless.

I'd buy that if it was for sale.


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So I got my 1984 Spurs home shirt delivered yesterday, went for my usual size XL which is normally about right for a fat bastard like me, except this one is massive! :lamelashock:
Now I had a ruby last night polished off with a couple of bottles of Malbec as a mark of respect to poch so no way I have lost weight , got me thinking All these years I have been thinking I have been getting fatter is a lie, I’m still a fat bastard granted but the clothes have been getting smaller it seems! :angryscouser:


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More importantly what are the team wearing. I have seen them training in the strip they played in the semi but would prefer the white kit we play at home in

The press photos were all done in the current home kit so I assume that's what they'll be wearing.
Shame really because the gradient shirt looks awful with white shorts!
Same (non-Spurs) shirt I was wearing for the semi last leg because I'm a superstitious cunt (saved that in the 2nd half, too)

Though as far as USA supporters groups go, your level of support is measured by the age of your shirt. Wearing a UA bicycle jersey, you're real Spurs. UA piss stain? You're legit. Bought a Kappa on Ebay, you're O.G.!

Theres a guy here probably half as old as the admiral top he's wearing. I make it that that makes him the leader.
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