Winter 2013/14 Transfer Window DISCUSSION Thread

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It is not as simple as 10million sold, why haven't we spent 10 million! Use your head son.

You could factor in the 40 million tv windfall. You could factor in the fact we have the 6th biggest turnover in British football. You could also take into account we have a multi billionaire holding the purse strings in the Bahamas, and the fact we have a couple of positions that we all agree need strengthening if we`re serious about competing for the top 4.

Thats the first time I`ve been called son in a while anyway. Should make my Great Grandchildren laugh when they read it.[/quote]

With regards to this, we are not a toy to him say like City or Chelsea. We are part of his business there to make money. Which we do, and we do well. No doubt we should have added 1/2 players. But I wouldn't have been against older / loan players.

We spent big on 2 players and they have been shit (so far). Money talks, but it doesn't guarantee. Unless you are city they you buy everyone and are mint.
Anyone know if Pitroipa went to stoke in the end, good player obviously a little below our level but if stoke got him then that's a decent signing?
These rumors that Levy was pushing to buy a declining Berbatov even though Sherwood didn't want him, sounded like the gross fantasy of some obsessive ex-boyfriend like "yeah, you thought you were too good for me but now look at you, coming crawling back in the end now that you're too old and Mr. Big Shot dumped you"
Why isn't Draxler's joining the mob down the road the top story on the bbc's site?

Think we could be in real, real trouble if we one of our two strikers (Ade/Soldado) gets injured when JD leaves. We have proven so far that playing one up front doesnt work and with only Harry Kane to cover I feel the lack of goals will cost us Champions League. I could be proven wrong, and I hope I am, but why oh why didnt Sherwood invest..
215 pages of transfer talk, and we bought/loaned fuck all!!

Can't help but think that window was our best chance to get Luke Shaw, and not sure how we didn't replace Jermain. Not aware of any young strikers coming through the ranks, and Harry Kane simply isn't good enough to lead the line.

I feel we've left ourselves short, where as we could have gained the advantage over Liverpool and Woolwich who also didn't invest.

Actually, the last winter transfer window was the one that truly disappointed me because buying a new striker would have made a lot of difference back then. This window was just me getting used to us not acting in the transfer market when we should.

So yes, i am probably not as disappointed as you are, but this is just because i was expecting us not to buy anyone.


Spurs - Champions Cup of Europe Winners 2011
To be fair Palace done some great business.

Zouma (jury's still out on this guy but rated well on Fifa so must be good).

There is smart business to be done, and I worry a little bit that the teams directly around us strengthened when we weakened ourselves.
Lukaku seems fucked for Everton, granted they have a perm-injured Traore as back-up but theres a reason Monaco let him go. Newcastle have lost by far their most influential player in Cabaye. Liverpool and Woolwich haven't strengthened. Man U have bought Mata but not strengthened their where they are woeful, no improvement brought in for (Ferdinand, Smalling, Evra, Cleverly). It's been a reasonable window for us all in all. Holtby gets games, Defoe is still third choice until March, and we've got five BIG players to come back in the next couple of weeks. Think when the dust is settled that could of been a lot worse for us.:harryhmm:
:)avbpray:Danny Rose and Adebayor can't pick up an injury though, ever at all)
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