Adama Traore

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Some people are slobbering over a player like Traore who has less goals and assists than some defenders...

"BuT iT's NoT aLl AbOuT gOaLs AnD aSsiStS"

It certainly is when you're playing as one of a front three.

Conte has already been on at Lucas to score more, he’d tear his hair out with Traore!

If we do sign him I suspect he’s not going to come in as first choice right side like some hope. That will still be Emerson, Traore would still be an impact/sub player and that’s all I’d want him at the club as. If we are signing anyone from Wolves I’d rather we wait and see if Neto is ok after his injury. He’s twice the player.
Came on and immediately Wolves looked more threatening. He got it in to dangerous areas again and again, played a big part in the goal and Matic was forced to commit a foul on the edge of the box to stop him, giving away a yellow card too.

He is a dangerous player. For 20m just as a squad option I see no reason why we wouldn't go for it .. people comparing him to Bergwijn just because of goals & assists are fucking clueless, go ask 10 PL defenders who they'd rather play against, guarantee not a single one says Adama.
Hes obviously no Dembele but... if he can do this for us an wreck other teams' shapes.
So we're happy to sign anyone?? A wolves sub.
Instead of buying him how about buying proper wing back. Instaed of spending months trying to convert him to something hes not
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